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Yoani Sánchez losing her groove: latest lie smacked down in record time

Anti-Cuban Campaign Fails: Twitter Acknowledges That it Blocked Cuba – español

Rosa Miriam Elizalde, Cubadebate

Translation: Machetera

In a brief message posted at the Havana Note blog, Twitter has acknowledged that it was the blocker of messages sent from cellphones in Cuba to Twitter and that it was not the Cuban government, as suggested by a malicious campaign against Cuba distributed on the Internet. “We have disabled “long” coding for sending tweets via SMS,” said the Twitter message, cryptically alluding to a purely technical problem on the social network and promising to correct the issue.

The communiqué was released a day after the EFE News Agency as well as many press outlets worldwide repeated the statements accusing Cuba of censoring the social network, without bothering to cross-check sources. Continue reading


Posada-Carriles on the loose in Tehran


Quick, pop quiz.

1. The young Iranian woman in this photo stolen from Ernesto Hernández Busto’s blog (where as you might guess, he’s drooling over the possibility of his own color revolution in Cuba) is:

a. working class

b. professional class

c. trust-fund class

Pop Quiz Part II

2. The potbellied thug in the green Ku Klux Klan hood behind her is

a. Iranian

b. Something else Continue reading

Back from the salt mine

saltIt’s a difficult job, but somebody’s got to do it.

And unlike Ernesto Hernández Busto, those of us who lack a check from Langley have to find other ways of putting food on the table.  But now that Machetera’s bank account is stabilized again, she can turn her attention to things a little closer to her heart.  Like reminding everyone (in case you missed it) that Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, was in Baghdad a month ago courtesy of the U.S. State Department, for talks on how to reconstruct the Iraqi information network destroyed by Iraq’s occupiers, and (conveniently) promote Twitter into the bargain.  Continue reading

Yoani the Pentagon babe’s homies write in

n120245Machetera found something odd in her inbox this morning.  A comment – and not just the unintelligible garbage that Machetera receives with depressing regularity, but something that appears to have been somewhat carefully drafted despite the whopper of an error in the first sentence. Rosa Miriam Elizalde’s article on cyber-dissidents apparently struck a nerve.

Instead of approving this in the comments section, Machetera will make it into a post of its own – lucky you, Ernesto Hernández Busto – not everybody gets this treatment.  Of course she reserves the right to answer the craziness as we go along.

Ernesto writes from Spain and has his own blog which you can google yourself if you’re really interested.  It’s nothing so fancy as Yoani’s of course, but maybe if he actually moves to Cuba and starts publishing from there, he too can get in on the Pentagon gravy train and scam an upgrade. Continue reading