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Cuba: Broadband and Other Such Matters

Cuba: Broadband and Other Such MattersEspañol

by Nelson P. Valdés for Cuba-L Analysis (Albuquerque)

I’m singing
When the cat’s away
The mice will play
Political violence fill ya city
Don’t involve rasta in your say-say
Rasta don’t work for no CIA
– Bob Marley + the Wailers

On October 29, the Cuban magazine Temas held its monthly meeting/debate, which has come to be known as “Last Thursday [of the month].”  The discussion was to be about the Internet and Cuban culture.  This in itself is an enormously complex topic in today’s world, and still more complicated in Cuba’s case since all access to and use of the Internet has been politicized by those in opposition to the island’s government.  The Internet, at the same time, has become just one more instrument used by the United States government to project its foreign policy and influence internal processes in the rest of the world. [1] Continue reading