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Dawn breaks in Bolivia

One of these days, Machetera is going to remember to check the Internet first for English translations before she labors over them herself. She finished this one just in time to find that Yoshi Furuhashi had already done a fine job over at Monthly Review. She’ll leave this one anyway, because she’s too lazy to reformat everything and she had a different opinion about the word “ethnophagic.”

The video attached to this article is hard watching. But it is a clear display of the moral bankruptcy of the Bolivian oligarchy, whose era is ending.

Bolivia: The Crime of Indigenous Insubordination

Jubenal Quispe – Rebelión

Translation: Machetera

Bolivia today lives under the most cruel and appalling xenophobic dictatorship of the “patrons” (landowners/oligarchs) with their wounded demented pride. If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at this video. It was filmed on May 24 in Sucre, Bolivia’s capital and crucible of the failed attempt at Bolivian miscegenation.

Whoever believes that ignorant racism is nothing but a bitter memory in Bolivia is wrong. A white Bolivia, created and governed by the patrons, was and is fundamentally anti-Indian. In 1825, the patrons founded the Bolivian Republic in the Casa de la Libertad in Sucre, excluding and subordinating the indigenous people. Almost two centuries later, last week, outside that very legendary Casa, in front of the TV cameras, insubordinate indigenous brothers were flogged. It was a macabre act that symbolizes the essential ethnic dispersal of official white Bolivia.

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The Ambassador of Ethnic Cleansing

A couple of years ago on Cuban TV there was a cartoon that mocked the U.S. transition planned for Cuba. It showed a U.S. soldier guarding the door of a school while a line of children passed by, hoping to enter. As they passed, he pointed to them one by one, saying “You, and you, and you,” and when the black kid came, “not you.” Why does that occur to Machetera now? Oh, no particular reason.

A Bad Time for “Innocent Mistakes”

Roberto Bardini – Tinku

Translation: Machetera

Last June 28th, the 20 year old U.S. citizen Donna Thi, from Miami, was detained at the airport in La Paz, for trying to bring in five hundred 45-caliber bullets which she’d declared as “cheese” to customs. Waiting for her in the terminal was the wife of Colonel James Campbell, the head of the military section at the U.S. embassy in Bolivia.

The North American Ambassador, Philip Goldberg, intervened immediately to obtain the woman’s release and said that it was all “an innocent mistake.” The ammunition, he said, was meant for “sport and entertainment.”

Bolivia’s Director of Migration, Magaly Zegarra, did not hold the same opinion as the Ambassador. According to her, “the fact that a North American citizen, related to the embassy, is carrying ammunition on a North American aircraft coming from Miami, a city where terrorists from all over Latin America are protected by the government, especially their teacher, as Posada is called by the terrorists, and make a mockery of all [justice] mechanisms, is questionable.”

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Internet censorship, Part 3: An inconvenient mirror


Not long after posting an article about Tony Greenstein’s obsessive and unsuccessful efforts to shut down the peacepalestine blog, the blog’s editor Mary Rizzo reported that her blog access (though not Machetera’s) had been shut down once more, this time on the basis of the false accusation that she was running a “spam blog.” Rather than delve into definitions of what constitutes a spam blog and why someone would run one, for now Machetera will simply make the following observations:

1. peacepalestine is not a spam blog,

2. Blogger does appear to have a shoot first, ask questions later approach;

3. Machetera does not have enough information at the present time to say whether WordPress has a less trigger-happy temper, although being somewhat self-interested she will hope for the best;

4. The timing of the latest shutdown for peacepalestine is certainly curious, coming as it did on the heels of Machetera’s recent post on the subject, although Machetera does not claim credit nor would she want to, and finally,

5. Something very curious is going on in what Gilad Atzmon would call the Zionist/crypto-Zionist world. Translation (since that is Machetera’s specialty): the opinions expressed by Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo are upsetting enough to certain people, to try to block their internet publishing.

It won’t work. The example of peacepalestine demonstrates pretty clearly that this form of internet silencing is at best, a short term endeavor, because the internet is like water; by design it is meant to follow the path of least resistance, and it’s impossible to plug all the leaks all the time. As Machetera has already pointed out, for really effective internet censorship you need to operate with an iron hand, preferably through the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control. Even then it’s a slippery beast, even for those who invented it. Shut down peacepalestine in one manifestation, and it will flower in a thousand other places.

What is it that disturbs these particular censors so? Well, nobody likes thinking of themselves as a racist, but Atzmon posits that secular Jewishness is a form of racism, so settling for being an anti-Zionist is not enough – Manuel Talens spoke to him about it some years back:

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