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And now to the coup underway in Bolivia

Fresh off their denunciations of Russia for recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia’s wish to free themselves from being bombed in the middle of the night by their Georgian neighbors for no reason whatsoever, the people at the State Department have apparently given the go-ahead to their man in La Paz, Philip Goldberg, to crack Bolivia wide open.

Goldberg has just been declared Persona Non Grata by the Bolivian government.

Since the BBC and its fellow major media outlets are too mystified by the fascist violence taking place in Bolivia right now to explain its connection to Goldberg’s finally being tossed out of the country, Machetera brings you this report straight from Bolpress.  Don’t say she never brings you any breaking news.

The Bolivian Government Declares the U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg Persona Non Grata


Translation: Machetera

Today, President Evo Morales declared the U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg, “persona non grata,” accusing him of financing the civic coup by the extreme right which took place on Tuesday in Santa Cruz.

Morales has repeatedly denounced the U.S. government for advising seditious groups in the eastern part of the country.  In recent days he revealed that certain employees of the Embassy were financing the landowners’ demonstrations and road blockages. Continue reading


Bolivians tell U.S. Ambassador of ethnic cleansing where to go

Cast your mind back to 2003 when the government of Bolivia announced its plans to send its natural gas to the U.S. via a pipeline through Chile. The Bolivians in El Alto, who don’t have access to their own gas, were enraged, and took to the streets, where the Bolivian army, under the direction of Carlos Sánchez Berzaín, gunned them down. Now Sánchez Berzaín is (naturally) being welcomed by the United States. Dan Keane filed a remarkably even-handed report for the Associated Press, here. Still, Machetera prefers to go to the local source. Bolpress’s account follows the video (in Spanish) which begins with one of the demonstrators talking about how foreigners have apparently still not learned the meaning of the word “respect”:

Thousands of Citizens from El Alto Surround the U.S. Embassy in La Paz


Translation: Machetera

Thousands of citizens from the city of El Alto surrounded the U.S. Embassy building in La Paz, after breaking through several police security cordons. At the doors of the diplomatic headquarters, the citizens of El Alto demanded the expulsion of Ambassador Philip Goldberg after the government of his country granted political asylum to an ex-minister facing trial for genocide in Bolivia.

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The Ambassador of Ethnic Cleansing

A couple of years ago on Cuban TV there was a cartoon that mocked the U.S. transition planned for Cuba. It showed a U.S. soldier guarding the door of a school while a line of children passed by, hoping to enter. As they passed, he pointed to them one by one, saying “You, and you, and you,” and when the black kid came, “not you.” Why does that occur to Machetera now? Oh, no particular reason.

A Bad Time for “Innocent Mistakes”

Roberto Bardini – Tinku

Translation: Machetera

Last June 28th, the 20 year old U.S. citizen Donna Thi, from Miami, was detained at the airport in La Paz, for trying to bring in five hundred 45-caliber bullets which she’d declared as “cheese” to customs. Waiting for her in the terminal was the wife of Colonel James Campbell, the head of the military section at the U.S. embassy in Bolivia.

The North American Ambassador, Philip Goldberg, intervened immediately to obtain the woman’s release and said that it was all “an innocent mistake.” The ammunition, he said, was meant for “sport and entertainment.”

Bolivia’s Director of Migration, Magaly Zegarra, did not hold the same opinion as the Ambassador. According to her, “the fact that a North American citizen, related to the embassy, is carrying ammunition on a North American aircraft coming from Miami, a city where terrorists from all over Latin America are protected by the government, especially their teacher, as Posada is called by the terrorists, and make a mockery of all [justice] mechanisms, is questionable.”

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