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Coup? What coup?

Machetera’s readers know she likes to put a relevant picture at the top of the articles she posts.  Only in this case, still pictures of the coup underway in Santa Cruz, Bolivia are practically impossible to find.  Ah, but maybe it’s not newsworthy until the Bolivian army shoots someone?

Bolivia’s Government Denounces the Fascist Coup Which Has Begun in Santa Cruz


Translation: Machetera

The Bolivian government informs the national and international community that in the capital city of the Department of Santa Cruz, a civil coup d’etat headed by Civic Committee President Branco Marinkovic, with the blessing of Prefect Rubén Costas, has begun.  The Executive Branch will not respond to “provocations by fascist groups” and will defend democracy and national unity, without declaring a state of siege in the troubled areas.

The government denounced the fact that in recent weeks, a violent uprising has been brewing in Santa Cruz, with internal and external support.  Today the ill omens materialized and “the prefectural civic coup d’etat against the country’s unity and democracy began,” said Government Minister Alfredo Rada.

On Tuesday, students, activists of the Santa Cruz Youth Union (UCJ) and lumpen from the shock troops for the civic business movement in Santa Cruz assaulted the government’s tax collection, agrarian reform (INRA) and telecommunications (ENTEL) offices. Continue reading