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Orlando Bosch, history’s first passenger plane bomber, dead in Miami

A few of the victims of Orlando Bosch & Luis Posada Carriles

Terrorism and media double standards

The two things you’ll notice immediately if you do a Google news search right now for the newly deceased Orlando Bosch are that first, mainstream press articles are calling him a “militant” rather than a “terrorist” and second, there is an unusual focus on his politically motivated “acquittal” in Venezuela for his involvement, along with Luis Posada Carriles, in history’s first bombing of a passenger airliner.  The 1976 mid-air bombing of Cubana Flight 455 resulted in the deaths of all 73 passengers and crew on board.  Here’s the carefully crafted whitewashed sentence the wire services are peddling:

Prominent Cuban exile militant Orlando Bosch, who was acquitted in Venezuela in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner, died Wednesday at 84…

Let’s just imagine for a moment what the general reaction might be for another obit crafted in a similar fashion:

Prominent Saudi exile militant Osama bin Laden, who the U.S. blamed for the 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, but then somehow never could locate, died Wednesday at 84… Continue reading


Arturo Hernández’s brilliant career: defending money launderers, drug & arms traffickers, and terrorists

The devil in white, Luis Posada Carriles, center. Arturo Hernández in Miami Vice attire at right.

The good informant and the bad informant

By Alejandro Armengol, Cuaderno de Cuba, El Nuevo Herald

Translation: Machetera

Like a Cuban Perry Mason, the attorney Arturo Hernández, who leads the legal defense team for Luis Posada Carriles, has delivered to the court not only what according to him is sufficient proof to dismiss the three charges against his client, but also to solve the crime.

Hernández explained that one of the declassified documents possessed by federal prosecutors contains “alarming revelations” that establish that the 1997 bombings in Havana were ordered by Fidel Castro himself in order to divert attention from the visit of Pope John Paul II.  John Paul II visited Cuba in January of 1998. Continue reading

Terrorist fest set for Wednesday in Washington

Advisory: Terrorists and coup-plotters from all over Latin America to meet at U.S. Capitol building in Washington español

By Jean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

Almost all those scheduled to attend a meeting that will take place this Wednesday, November 17th, in a hearing room at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C., have been linked with terrorism and in many cases coups d’etat and assassination attempts in Latin America. Continue reading

Washington’s Cuban cannery

“…a genuine national political movement cannot be manufactured in the capital of the enemy.  Parties and movements are not exportable commodities, because a political party cannot be bought and sold as though it were a can of spam… That this kind of foreign production might have any kind of legitimacy in Cuba is a myth that is only believed by those who do not know Cuba and do not live there.”

The War Against Cuba: New Budgets, Same Premise español

José Pertierra

Translation: Machetera

Presidents in Washington come and go, but the end goal of U.S. foreign policy remains the same: derail the governments who dare to defend their national sovereignty and destroy any revolution that ventures toward a different world than that which is programmed for them.  The weapons that the United States has used in its offensive against Cuba have evolved over the last fifty years, but the war remains the same.

Cubanologists in Washington and Miami want to build a supposed socio-political movement in Cuba as a tool of subversion.  But a genuine national political movement cannot be manufactured in the capital of the enemy. Parties and movements are not exportable commodities, because a political party cannot be bought and sold as though it were a can of spam. Continue reading

President Obama can you hear the Cuban Five a little better now?

The “Cuban Five” on America’s Rooftop

By Atilio Boron

Translation: Machetera

On January 10th, three young Argentinean climbers from Neuquén province reached the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain on the American continent, with an elevation of 22,831 feet above sea level.  This extraordinary feat, accomplished by Santiago Vega, a radio and television journalist, Aldo Bonavitta, a bank clerk, and Alcides Bonavitta, a social activist, had a political objective as clear as it was noble: expressing the solidarity of the Argentinean people with the cause of the five Cuban anti-terrorism fighters, held by the empire in its prisons for eleven years, under conditions that are not even applied to the worst serial criminals in that country.  Moreover, they were condemned in an absolutely flawed trial that makes their incarceration an affront to due process and the rule of law.  The Cuban intelligence agents Ramon Labanino, Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez were unjustly and illegally imprisoned for investigating terrorist activities in Miami’s Cuban community and their case constitutes an emphatic denial of the so-called war on terrorism that Washington claims to be waging. Continue reading

Meet Pepe Hernández, CANF’s terrorist president

CANF’s President Admits Having Carried Out CIA Missions

Francisco José “Pepe” Hernández, president of the Cuban American National Foundation, reiterates that “just like me,” his friend Luis Posada Carriles is no terrorist

pepehernandezJean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

For Francisco José “Pepe” Hernández, the head of the Cuban American National Foundation, Luis Posada Carriles is not a terrorist.  The terrorist Hernández, who strives to advise President Obama, made this statement in an extremely long interview distributed from Miami by the Associated Press, in which he also admitted to having worked in different parts of the world on behalf of the CIA.

Pepe Hernández directly arranged the plans to assassinate Cuba’s president in Panama, in the year 2000.

It’s the second time this year that Hernández has acknowledged his links with the torturer, murderer and drug trafficker who, along with Orlando Bosch, planned and ordered the mid-flight destruction of a Cuban airliner in 1976, causing the death of 73 people.

“Public opinion presents him [Posada Carriles] as a terrorist, and he isn’t one,” said Hernández.  “Just like me, I always wanted to topple the Cuban government, but not terrorize the Cuban people,” he said. Continue reading