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The devil wore white: Luis Posada Carriles and Ladies in White go out on a limb in Miami with Gloria Estefan

Posada Carriles at yesterday's march in Miami (March 25, 2010) Photo: Reuters

Posada Carriles and the Ladies in White, “Friends Forever” español

By José Pertierra

Translation: Machetera

Only in Miami. Despite the seventy-three outstanding first-degree murder charges against him related to the mid-air explosion of a Cubana Airlines passenger jet, Luis Posada Carriles has not been extradited to Venezuela nor has he been indicted in the United States for these crimes.  He wanders unleashed and un-vaccinated along Calle Ocho in Miami, marching alongside Gloria Estefan in support of the so-called Ladies in White.

His support of the “ladies” ought not to surprise us.  There is an important link between Posada and these “ladies.”  The link is called Santiago Alvarez Fernández-Magriña.  It’s a well established fact, admitted even by the “ladies” themselves that their organization receives $1,500 a month from Rescate Jurídico [Legal Rescue] in Miami.  Posada and the “ladies” share the same godfather.

The president of Rescate Jurídico is no more and no less than Santiago Alvarez Fernández-Magriña.  An extremely close friend and Luis Posada Carriles’ financial sponsor, Alvarez was the person who brought Posada to the United States on his boat, the Santrina, according to documents from the U.S. District Attorney’s office.  A few weeks later, he organized the famous and shameful press conference for Posada Carriles who had up until that point been “hidden” in Miami.  Alvarez is also the same person who got one of his people to place two bombs in the Tropicana nightclub in Havana.  This conversation was recorded and exposed on Cuban television.

It’s evident that the terrorist history of this sinister person did not stop the “ladies” from involving themselves in this game and receiving money salted with Cuban blood.  In the United States, receiving money from a terrorist organization is a felony that carries a harsh punishment.  I suppose the same is true in Cuba.  Nevertheless, until now, the only sanction that these “ladies” have received is repudiation from Cubans in the street.  The Cuban government has shown itself to be extremely tolerant, even providing police protection.

Here’s a suggestion for Posada Carriles.  If he really wants to march in support of Santiago Alvarez Fernández-Magriña’s “ladies,” he ought to go to Havana to do it.  As Calle 13 would say, “I dare you!”

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the author and translator are cited.

Posada Carriles at yesterday's march in Miami (March 25, 2010) Photo: Reuters

Posada Carriles at yesterday's march in Miami (March 25, 2010) Photo: Reuters


Meet Pepe Hernández, CANF’s terrorist president

CANF’s President Admits Having Carried Out CIA Missions

Francisco José “Pepe” Hernández, president of the Cuban American National Foundation, reiterates that “just like me,” his friend Luis Posada Carriles is no terrorist

pepehernandezJean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

For Francisco José “Pepe” Hernández, the head of the Cuban American National Foundation, Luis Posada Carriles is not a terrorist.  The terrorist Hernández, who strives to advise President Obama, made this statement in an extremely long interview distributed from Miami by the Associated Press, in which he also admitted to having worked in different parts of the world on behalf of the CIA.

Pepe Hernández directly arranged the plans to assassinate Cuba’s president in Panama, in the year 2000.

It’s the second time this year that Hernández has acknowledged his links with the torturer, murderer and drug trafficker who, along with Orlando Bosch, planned and ordered the mid-flight destruction of a Cuban airliner in 1976, causing the death of 73 people.

“Public opinion presents him [Posada Carriles] as a terrorist, and he isn’t one,” said Hernández.  “Just like me, I always wanted to topple the Cuban government, but not terrorize the Cuban people,” he said. Continue reading