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Posada-Carriles on the loose in Tehran


Quick, pop quiz.

1. The young Iranian woman in this photo stolen from Ernesto Hernández Busto’s blog (where as you might guess, he’s drooling over the possibility of his own color revolution in Cuba) is:

a. working class

b. professional class

c. trust-fund class

Pop Quiz Part II

2. The potbellied thug in the green Ku Klux Klan hood behind her is

a. Iranian

b. Something else Continue reading


Imperialism’s game

Who’s Wrong, Evo Morales or James Petras?

Jorge Eduardo Aldao – Tlaxcala

Translation: Machetera

September 15, 2008

Some days ago in an interview with Radio Centenario in Uruguay, James Petras made some remarks that deserve consideration.

In that radio interview, Petras, analyzing Bolivia’s critical situation, said:

“…This civil war has resulted in already almost half the country being in the hands of the fascists, and I say fascists, because they operate by the use of force, violence, with non-parliamentary groups typical of fascists, with the backing of the middle class, by taking public buildings of all kinds, paralyzing gas pipelines, even blowing up pipelines, taking control of police stations, customs, etc.  It’s already a coup.  Therefore, to say that it’s nearing a civil war or a coup is false, because there’s already a civil war, there’s a taking of power in the provinces called the “Half-Moon” (Santa Cruz, Tarija, Pando, Beni) where the fascist rightwing is in control, despite the internal opposition of the peasants, etc.

What remains is in the Altiplano, where Evo Morales is located, boxed in, impotent, incapable of maintaining the country’s constitutional order and integrity.  While the popular masses begin to take their own action, independent of this president who until now continues to call for dialogue, while the fascists have murdered scores of peasants in cold blood and have disappeared dozens more, adding to the more than two hundred gunshot victims to be found in the hospitals.

This is the president’s cretinism in the face of an open U.S. intervention, the coup d’etat is already underway, the taking of power by the ultra-rightwing…” Continue reading