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From Latin America to the Arab World

From Latin America to the Arab World – What’s going on in Libya?

Santiago Alba Rico and Alma Allende – español

Translation: Machetera

We have the impression that a great worldwide liberation process may be aborted by the unappeasable ferocity of Gaddafi, U.S. interventionism, and a lack of foresight in Latin America.

We might describe the situation like this: in a part of the world linked once again to strong internal solidarities and from which only lethargy or fanaticism was expected, a wave of popular uprisings have arisen which have threatened to topple the allies of Western powers in the region, one after the other.  Independent of local differences, these uprisings have something in common that radically distinguishes them from the orange and rose colored “revolutions” promoted by capitalism in the former Soviet bloc: they demand democracy, certainly, but far from being fascinated by Europe and the United States, they are the holders of a long, entrenched, radical anti-imperialist tradition forged around Palestine and Iraq.  There’s not even a hint of socialism in the popular Arab uprisings, but neither is there one of Islamism, nor – most importantly – of Euro-centric seduction: it is simultaneously a matter of economic upheaval and democratic, nationalistic and anti-colonial revolution, something that, forty years after their defeat, suddenly opens an unexpected opportunity for the region’s socialist and pan-Arabist left. Continue reading


The U.S. destruction of Iraq: five years and counting


The Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena wrote the following piece yesterday for Il Manifesto. Alert readers will recall that Sgrena was kidnapped in Iraq and after her release, shot at by U.S. soldiers on her way to the Baghdad airport with the two Italian intelligence agents who had rescued her. She and one of the agents were wounded. The other agent, Nicola Calipari, was killed.

Gonzalo Hernández Baptista, a member of Rebelión and the Tlaxcala Collective translated the original Italian to Spanish, and Machetera took it from there.

A Half-Decade of War

Five years of fabrications. Bush had wanted a war against Iraq, basing it on a lie (the presence of arms of mass destruction) while he continues to conceal defeat under the guise of various unfounded victories. The reality is hidden behind a wall of falsehoods. Yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war, Bush spoke of “a great victory in the war against terrorism.” What a slip. The CIA has already denied the existence of any link between Saddam and al Qaeda, while Iraq is presently flooded with terrorisim. The only ones who rise to the stature of defeating terrorism are Saddam’s ex-military, the groups which Petraeus has financed and armed against al Qaeda. A marriage of convenience: the terrorists had converted themselves into an annoying and unpopular ally for the guerrillas (by the indiscriminate slaughter of Iraqis). But a separation could be imminent and the General, therefore, is going to encounter an even stronger enemy. Petraeus has not moved closer to peace, he’s moved further away. But Bush doesn’t want to admit it. Continue reading