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Álvaro Uribe – Bush’s hot potato


By Guillermo Almeyra for La Jornada – translation by Machetera

When “Uribe” is Written, Read “Oil”

Shell, the Anglo/Dutch oil company that is one of the Seven Sisters recently published a brief statement for U.S. specialists which is key to interpreting the criminal attack by the Colombian army against Ecuadoran territory. According to this statement, given the forseeable and constant decline in Mexican petroleum production, for its own security, the United States will need to count on a permanent supply of Venezuelan petroleum. That is precisely what is endangered by Washington’s repeated attempts to destabilize and topple the government of Hugo Chávez. This in effect, has already been spelled out by Chávez (not a man given to exaggeration): that if the aggression continues and worsens, the petroleum supply to the country’s main client – the United States – will be cut. This, in spite of the fact that this relationship offers more advantages (a bigger market, refining capacity, for example) than any other. Continue reading