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The Cuban Five and the Tricks Ahead

The Cuban Five and the Tricks Ahead español

By Edmundo García

Translation: Machetera

I’d like to begin this article by making something perfectly clear: If the Government of Cuba agrees to allow Alan Gross to travel to the United States, for whatever period of time or reason, I believe that not even the bones of the anti-terrorist fighter Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, who is currently serving a double life sentence plus fifteen years, will ever see the sun of Cuba again.  That’s what I think, and now I’ll explain. Continue reading


CANF, Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas, and the totally compromised testimony used to bury Gerardo Hernández Nordelo alive

When the U.N.’s Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) investigated the siting of the February 24, 1996 shootdown off the coast of Cuba of two light aircraft registered to the Miami group “Brothers to the Rescue,” suddenly all the evidence supporting U.S. claims about it occurring over international waters became very difficult to find.  And this despite the fact that the U.S. government expected an incident to occur and had warned all its radar installations, and presumably, satellite eyes, to be especially alert that day.  But with the objective evidence suddenly missing, the ICAO investigators came up with a weird, subjective “triangulation” to support U.S. claims about the location.  Naturally, the ICAO Council refused to endorse such a bizarre report.

One of the points of that triangulation came from Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Bjørn Johansen, first officer on the ship Majesty of the Seas, who thanks to Brazilian researcher Fernando Morais, we now learn “based his testimony about the site of the shoot-down on a visual observation of the site where his own ship was – which he wrote down on a piece of paper – and not the electronic register that marked the ship’s location in the Florida Strait.”  Now you tell us.  Jean Guy Allard has more:

The Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) behind the main testimony against Gerardo Hernández Nordeloespañol

By Jean-Guy Allard
Translation: Machetera

The main witness for the federal prosecution against the Cuban Gerardo Hernández Nordelo was the first officer on a U.S. cruise line whose owners contributed at least $25,000 to help create the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), and whose paramilitary wing organized, financed and promoted terrorist actions against Cuba. Continue reading

The Cuban Five Must be Unconditionally Freed

The Cuban Five Must be Unconditionally Freed

Speech given by Ricardo Alarcón at the central event held at the Astral theatre in Havana during a day of solidarity for the Cuban Five, September 12, 2011.

Translation: Machetera

I will be brief in order for the artists present to raise their voices in solidarity with Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René.

Today marks the completion of thirteen years of an injustice that has gone on far too long for the Cuban Five.  They have received the worst sentences and most cruel treatment, which among other things, has impeded their families from visiting them, and reached inhumane extremes with the prohibition against Adriana and Olga reuniting with Gerardo and René.  They have also been punished by the total silence imposed by a media tyranny which aims to extinguish the solidarity that they deserve and hide the larger truth: the Cuban Five are in prison for opposing the terrorists who are enemies of Cuba and its people. Continue reading

Arturo Hernández’s zeal to convict the innocent

Luis Posada Carriles, left, Arturo Hernández, right

Posada Carriles’ Attorney Offered His Assistance to Convict Gerardo Hernández in Miami

José Pertierra, Cubadebate

Translation: Machetera

El Paso. February 14, 2010 — Prosecutors in the Luis Posada Carriles case revealed today that Posada Carriles’ defense attorney, Arturo Hernández, closely monitored and offered his help during the case against the Cuban Five in Miami in 2001. Continue reading

Twelve men and two cats: with Gerardo Hernández and his platoon in Angola

Cuban-Angolan Reconnaissance Platoon attached to 11th Tactical Group, 10th Tank Brigade, Cabinda, Angola, under command of Lt. Gerardo Hernández Nordelo (middle), 1989-90.

The current issue of The Militant has an outstanding piece by Mary-Alice Waters about the period in 1989-1990 when Gerardo Hernández led a Cuban-Angolan platoon attached to the 11th Tactical Group of the 10th Tank Brigade, stationed in Cabinda province, Angola. She incorporates Gerardo’s notes on two photographs from the period with an English translation of an interview with a member of Gerardo’s platoon: José Luis Palacio Cuní. Zenia Regalado interviewed Palacio for Guerrillero, the newspaper for Pinar del Rio, the westernmost province in Cuba.  See The Militant for the full article. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Gerardo!

Gerardo: Believing in Hope

By Marlene Caboverde Caballero*

“…. I shall wait for you under the green elm,
Under the leafless elm.
I shall wait until the last one has returned
And beyond. “
Bertolt Brecht

They condemned him to the exile of silence, to the punishment of the most sordid solitude; two life sentences they hanged like a piece of iron from his neck, and cast him into the void of a cell, into the empire of evil in a prison. However, and despite everything, he laughed.

They, who tried him and convicted him, did not suspect that he would manage to erect, behind bars, that country in which a man and a woman would never be at risk of wearing out, not even from so many kisses. Continue reading

A letter from Adriana to Gerardo

From Letters of Love and Hope