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Empire’s blogger

The Empire’s Blogger

By Stella Calloni for CubaDebateEspañol: La “bloguera” del imperio

Translated and edited by Machetera

During the most recent years and now too, like a cursed inheritance, the White House image has begun to deteriorate further – if such a thing were possible – around the world; as it resorts to the use of crude and unsustainable people in brutal coups d’etat such as that of the putschist Roberto Micheletti in Honduras, and employing other people in the same way, for deadly or silly operettas directed toward the same end, masked as “humanitarian” actions.

Although on the one hand, it played at fake “negotiations” in order to gain time in Honduras, a country occupied by the U.S. military through its bases and troops, when it comes to actions against Cuba or Venezuela and other countries, the U.S. has used such discredited people that its strategy ends up boomeranging.

Washington’s over-acting is evident when it comes to Cuba, through the support that President Barack Obama gave to Yoani Sánchez, a woman whose name was until now absolutely unknown, and who acts just like those who seek quick money and recognition by helping the CIA in its work to destroy the Cuban revolution no matter what. Continue reading