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El País and NY Times on Wikileaks Guantánamo: From Casios to shwarma

You know that things are going from bad to worse when the spin coming from the newspaper of record in Franco’s country* on the newly leaked files from the U.S. concentration camp in Guantánamo, Cuba, looks like it was written up by leftists in comparison to the NY Times version.  Purely by accident I happened to read the El País version first, where I learned that some of those imprisoned at the camp were considered by their captors to have received explosives training based on nothing more than the fact that they wore Casio F91W wristwatches.

Which is absurd because the U.S. Army (the world’s original explosives trainers) knows perfectly well that real explosives experts like Posada Carriles and his fellow traveler Felix Rodríguez prefer Rolex’s, especially ones stolen from their murder victims.  And then you also have to wonder, Casio F91W’s anyone?  Continue reading


Ernesto Hernández Busto, rest in peace

For awhile there I lost track of Ernesto Hernández Busto, but it seems that I’m not the only one.  After his appearance in Texas at the George W. Bush Institute, where apparently W mentioned his invited guests one by one but passed EHB over (worried perhaps about team loyalty?), the bleating from Barcelona suddenly ceased.  Now we know why.  EHB closed his blog, “until further notice.”  Who is Machetera going to kick around now?

Zoé Valdés, the ex-Cuban-wannabe-Parisian with the penchant for posting quarter century old photos of herself (age is kinder to some than others) isn’t half as tempting a target.  Also, the fact that she’s turned her blog into some kind of aggregator where she posts nonsense about 90 times a day means that it’s work to read it now, instead of Machetera’s guilty pleasure.  Honestly, where do these people find the time?  Oh, I forget, they’re paid.

Well, here’s a good piece on EHB’s disappearance anyway:

Ernesto Hernández Bushto and the General Strikeespañol

Ernesto Pérez Castillo

Translation: Machetera

Ernesto Hernández Bushto is a rascal, but a willing one.  For mysterious and unexplained reasons he closed his blog –www.penultimosdias.com – some days ago and in the meantime has gone about teasing El País, promising them lemonade while delivering water, in the form of a new article (The Limits of Cyber-Dissidence) which is nothing more than a self-referential link to his own speech some months back in the auditorium of the Bush Institute.

EHB is on the far left and that is not a wax figure in the middle

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The company she keeps

“Tell me what company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.”

— Miguel de Cervantes


The CIA sponsored fire at the El Encanto department store in Havana, April 13, 1961. Carlos Alberto Montaner was arrested in possession of incendiary devices shipped to him by the CIA.


Fe del Valle Ramos, killed in the fire at El Encanto. She had two small children.

John negroponte

John Negroponte - one of Yoani's admirers

Yoani Sánchez, John Negroponte, and Carlos Alberto Montaner: Project Blog? Español: I, II

By Yohandry Fontana

Translation: Machetera

Part I

From now on, everything’s going to be different.  My blog will have to go a different direction or it will disappear, as happened two years ago when I thought the El País website was democratic, but it suddenly became permanently unavailable when Cuban and Spanish bloggers accused Yoani Sánchez of working for the CIA and being linked to Carlos Alberto Montaner.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop writing.  It’s just that I believe that now I’ll have to be more careful on the subject in question, yet without being silenced.  Refreshing memories comes at a cost. Continue reading

Magic laptops gunning for Obama

Okay, Machetera “borrowed” this artwork from her friend Borev. But it’s just too good not to be used again and again…

How to Turn Chávez Into a Terrorist in Two [Short] Months

Pascual Serrano – Diagonal

Translation: Machetera

Colombia’s bombing of a FARC camp in Ecuador set off a real media war. Any similarity between the mainstream media version and reality is purely coincidental.

First they said Chávez was a dictator, but that didn’t convince anyone, considering that he was the president who’d won more elections than anyone in the Americas. Then they said he was armed to the teeth and a danger to the region’s stability, but the truth is that Chávez never used a single weapon outside his own country. So the latest tactic has been to turn him into a terrorist through a two month long media operation. Let’s review the chronology of the operation and compare each event as reported by the Media Axis (El País, El Tiempo, The Wall Street Journal, Colombia’s President Uribe, the White House) with what actually happened.

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Roll over Ortega y Gasset

The Ortega y Gasset prize comes with 15,000 Euros. Way to get a Blu-Ray!

Congratulations Yoani! What a Pr¥ze!

Jorge Ángel Hernández – Rebelión – Translation: Machetera

Certain handbook rules are rarely violated, except when engaging in an ideological war. So, using Reuters as their primary source, on March 25, a number of international press agencies copied and distributed the news denouncing the censorship of the “Generación Y” blog, by the Cuban philosopher, Yoani Sánchez. No-one bothered to investigate the apparently invisible invasion of personal freedom by the Cuban authorities, as reported by the source. It was a journalism so complacent that if I were to say I’m being besieged by mysterious extra-terrestrial forces whose green tentacles materialize before my eyes and immediately disappear, they’d give it a hundred percent credibility and circulate the tale around the world. Of course maybe it would help me a little if I added that the alien was delivering warnings about international communism and populism, to grease the pig, so to speak. The news amazed the journalist Pascual Serrano who confirmed that the news was false the day afterwards, March 26th, but also Iván Alonso, who took on the job of digging through the blog entries and even giving advice to their creator about where she might encounter some truly serious problems, all of which surpass Yoani’s irritations and worries.[1]

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“If the empire pisses on us, they say it’s raining.”


The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) is a stenographers’ club. Alberto Maldonado tells why and examines the orchestrated press fabrications meant to shift the blame to Ecuador for Colombia’s aggression.

How the Media Brotherhood of Inter-American Pressters Works

Alberto Maldonado for Argentina’s Argenpress

According the the Royal Academy’s dictionary, the term “brotherhood” has several meanings, but I’ll go for these two: “Guild, company, or union of people for a specific purpose,” and “Group of thieves or pimps.” I’ll leave it to better and more enlightened folks with access to these definitions, to decide which they consider the most appropriate or relevant. Continue reading

OAS puts El País and Maite Rico in check

Poor El País. Poor Maite Rico. It’s one thing when Machetera (well Decio Machado, really) catches you in a lie. You can blow it off and say Machetera and Machado are not “real” journalists, because unlike Rico they actually check their sources. But when José Miguel Insulza gets mad enough to write a letter, well, it looks like you’ve stepped in it.

Insulza’s letter in English – Machetera’s exclusive.

OAS Secretary General Indignant at El País’s False News

José Miguel Insulza, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), sent a letter today to the publisher of Spain’s daily newspaper El País, categorically rejecting the existence of statements supposed to have been made by someone alleged to have been an OAS employee, cited in the article “The FARC had found refuge in Ecuador,” which appeared on March 12.

In his letter, the OAS Secretary General indicated that the reference was “absolutely false,” in view of the fact that no OAS employee had made such a declaration as that which appeared in the mentioned press article. The OAS Secretary General showed his surprise that El País would incur “an error of this magnitude, an assault on the truth, which affects a government’s prestige and damages the conciliatory purpose of our Organization.”

The entire letter follows: Continue reading