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The FARC was strafed


When Machetera saw the photos of the terrible destruction of the FARC camp in Ecuador, something struck her. She asked a friend to take a look. Her friend served in the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces and so could be presumed to know a thing or two about combat scenes.

“Do you see what I see?” she said.

“Yeah,” he said. “They were shot.”

This translation comes from an article by Decio Machado, reprinted at http://www.rebelion.org but originally sourcing from vamosacambiarelmundo.org (letschangetheworld.org)

* * *

The Big Lies from “El País” and its Reporter Maite Rico About the Assassination of Raúl Reyes and 23 Other FARC Guerrillas

One blushes to be a journalist not only when one considers that “El País” is considered to be Spain’s most serious newspaper, but also when one considers the level of infamy, poison and lack of professional ethics of which various El País journalists are capable. Continue reading