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Oh what a (not so) tangled web we weave

Carlos Alberto Montaner

Is Carlos Montaner Really a CIA Agent? Español

Analysis by Froilán Rodriguez

Translation: Machetera

In January of this year, the well-known writer and journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner granted an interview to Edmundo García in Miami, for his program “Night Moves.”  It was an interesting exchange, in which both defended their positions, although the intellectual came out rather badly against the moves made by the communicator.  On that occasion, the leader of the Unión Liberal Cubana stated unequivocally that he had never in his life been linked to U.S. intelligence.

However, this summer, we saw a controversy arise between Montaner and an unknown Cuban academic living in Denver, named Arturo López.  This fact in itself would be of little interest were it not that for the first time, the prominent anti-Castro man (Montaner) clearly admitted his access to information that at the least was confidential, hinting at specialized services, probably those of the CIA.

Arturo López Levy with Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter

It all started when López dared to criticize Montaner’s positions in relation to Honduras, in an article that he sent to the editors of the online publication Encuentro en la Red.  The article was not well received, nor was it published, mainly due to the fact that it attacked Montaner directly at a time when he was also under attack by the daily newspaper Granma, the official publication of Cuba’s only party.

Therefore, the professor, who says he’d sent other work to Encuentro, was forced to approach an alternative: Cubanuestra, in faraway Sweden, where his article was published, and the aggrieved Montaner was immediately made aware of it, resulting in an unexpected response.  And that is when the act occurred. Continue reading

Honduras coupsters’ big fat Cuban exile family

8stThe Cuban Gestapo Mafia in Honduras

By Dr. Néstor García Iturbe
Translation: Machetera

When analyzing the events that resulted in the sly thuggery which took place in Honduras, we can hardly fail to be surprised by the number of Cuban exiles who are part of what’s been called the Gestapo mafia, and appear to be involved in the terrible events in which the will of the Honduran people has been short-circuited.

According to the criteria of these people, who acted in coordination with the extreme U.S. right wing in the Pentagon and the CIA, it was necessary to impede at all costs any further movement by Zelaya’s government toward the left, since that represented a danger to the “National Security of the United States.”  The fastest and most effective remedy at that time was the coup d’etat.

The journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner and the former Undersecretary of State in the George W. Bush government, Otto Reich, were participants in the initial coordination of the armed action.  Both were in constant communication with the coup plotters, the first from Miami and the latter from Panama. Continue reading

Inside Jorge Castañeda’s feverish mind…

spy_with_shoe_phoneWhat in the hell is wrong with Jorge Castañeda?  Wait, you don’t have to answer that.  Machetera will tell you.  Basically, he can’t help himself.  Someone pays him to make shit up, and he complies.  There’s really not much more to it than that.  But just for fun, let’s take a look at his Newsweek article about the recent Cuban replacements of Carlos Lage and Felipe Pérez Roque, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, respectively.  Did you know that it was all Hugo Chávez’s doing? See, according to Castañeda, Chávez doesn’t like Raúl (Castro) and so he and Lage and Pérez Roque were sneaking around to see how they might get rid of him.  Was it Chávez’s idea, or Lage’s?  Or Pérez Roque’s?  Who knows?!  It’s just made up shit!

Machetera will show you how it’s done with this free guided tour of Castañeda’s mind:

As we enter the scene, a dark and stormy night on New York’s Upper West Side, somewhere around 72nd Street, Castañeda is banging away on his keyboard, a half empty bottle of Rioja to his right, an overflowing ashtray to the left, and an empty pharmaceutical packet on the floor.  There’s an evil glitter in his eye. He takes a swig, then a deep breath, and pounds away: Continue reading