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Yoani Sánchez: Pentagon babe

xsRosa Miriam Elizalde has finally pointed out what never occurs to Time magazine or Grupo Prisa. Or maybe it has occurred to them – they just can’t bring themselves to admit it.  That blog by the blocked Cuban blogger/whiner ain’t no ordinary blog. Lots o’ cash behind it.

There are other translations of this floating around on the Internet.  Just not as good.

Cyber-command and Cyber-dissidents, More of the Same

Rosa Miriam Elizalde

English Translation: Machetera

Havana – The news has gone around the world.  The Obama administration is putting the final touches on a new cyberspace army.  First the Wall Street Journal and then the New York Times reported that the objective of this cyber-command is to guarantee the security of U.S. military computer networks threatened by the intrusion of hackers, particularly those linked to countries such as China and Russia.

Victims are being offered a single pill in which to swallow the fantasy of an external enemy and the details of the homicidal weapon used to kill it (a cyber-command that will keep watch over the planet and eventually enter into action).  As Tom Burghardt, of Global Research [1] put it, the United States is using the subterfuge of cyber-security as a pretext for cyber-war, a project forged by the North American hawks before September 11, 2001 and one that began to come together in 2003, when a secret document [2] signed by Donald Rumsfeld, the ex-Secretary of Defense, was leaked, in which the order was given to create this special Command. Continue reading


How about a little congris to go with that whine?

whineThe blocked Cuban blogger is back.  Not Machetera, who for reasons she still can’t explain was confused some time back for a Cuban blogger — Machetera is a Unitedstatesian who is sometimes blocked by her refusal to loiter in Cuban hotels in order to connect to the Internet, and other times blocked for different reasons altogether.  No, as Machetera’s friend Walter Lippmann likes to say, we’re talking about Cuba’s “Whiner-in-Chief,” Yoani Sánchez, who’s made quite a profitable business out of letting the Cuban state take care of her children while she concentrates on writing poisonous articles about at least one of the hands that feeds them.

Today the Huffington Post posted an “exclusive” from Sánchez, with the provocative headline “What will happen to Cuba?  Will we become another Haiti? Another Athens?”

Don’t look for Sánchez to explain what she wants readers to infer from her headline (presumably that Haiti is hopeless and ancient Athens a model of enlightenment – ignoring the inconvenient fact that Athens was a society based on slavery and Haiti an example of the first successful slave revolution in history, for which it has been duly punished for more than 200 years).  Don’t look for an explanation because Sánchez is incapable of offering one.  As usual, she’s long on whine and short on substance.  Such as in her comment about Cuba’s revolutionary leaders: “The former rebels have become powerful old men and have dismantled, one by one, the civic paths that once enabled them to organize their victorious dream.”

As Walter also points out:

Excuse me, what “civic paths” were there? Zip, zilch, zero, nada. Cuba was a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP prior to the Cuban Revolution. There were no “civil paths” to power, which is why an armed revolutionary struggle was the only way to dislodge the dictatorship. Let’s not forget that the dictatorship was recognized by Washington days after it OVERTHREW the parliamentary democratic regime which preceded it. We could go on, but you catch the drift, right?

Yeah, we kinda do.