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Vicky Peláez caught in U.S. dragnet

Vicky Peláez was the only Spanish language journalist in New York worth a damn.  So naturally something had to be done about her.  She and her husband are the sore thumbs in this story and you have to wonder if the mighty U.S. Justice Department wasn’t running a twofer (or in this case a ten-fer) that swept Vicky off the press desk at El Diario/La Prensa so that even if she is ultimately exonerated, her career will be destroyed.  Eva Golinger has the story.

BREAKING NEWS: United States Arrests Ten Supposed “Russian Spies,” a Journalist Among Them español

Eva Golinger

English translation: Machetera

Caracas, June 28, 2010 – Last week, President Barack Obama shared a typical “American” meal with the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev.  Between hamburgers and Coca-Colas, the two heads of state smiled and proclaimed their relationship “stable” and “better than ever.”  Medvedev even sent photos via Twitter of his pleasant meal with his U.S. counterpart.  He didn’t expect that just a few days later, the Cold War would be resuscitated. Continue reading

El Salvador’s Funes moves his chips to the dark side

Torn between two Models – Funes follows Obama

By Diana Barahona – http://dianabarahona.blogspot.com

[Español abajo]

Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who was carried to power by the FMLN this past March but quickly jettisoned the party from his government, has obliquely recognized the results of yesterday’s electoral farce in neighboring Honduras.

During his presidential campaign Funes rejected any affinity for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and instead insisted that his models were Brazilian President Inacio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama. But those models are bitterly split over Obama’s support for the June 28 coup in Honduras and its subsequent legitimation by sham elections carried out yesterday. The United States followed up on its commitment to recognize the elections no matter what, but Lula has resisted pressure to do the same. Continue reading

Empire’s blogger

The Empire’s Blogger

By Stella Calloni for CubaDebateEspañol: La “bloguera” del imperio

Translated and edited by Machetera

During the most recent years and now too, like a cursed inheritance, the White House image has begun to deteriorate further – if such a thing were possible – around the world; as it resorts to the use of crude and unsustainable people in brutal coups d’etat such as that of the putschist Roberto Micheletti in Honduras, and employing other people in the same way, for deadly or silly operettas directed toward the same end, masked as “humanitarian” actions.

Although on the one hand, it played at fake “negotiations” in order to gain time in Honduras, a country occupied by the U.S. military through its bases and troops, when it comes to actions against Cuba or Venezuela and other countries, the U.S. has used such discredited people that its strategy ends up boomeranging.

Washington’s over-acting is evident when it comes to Cuba, through the support that President Barack Obama gave to Yoani Sánchez, a woman whose name was until now absolutely unknown, and who acts just like those who seek quick money and recognition by helping the CIA in its work to destroy the Cuban revolution no matter what. Continue reading

Sharp wits in Spanish Congress set for debate on mercenary blogger, Yoani Sánchez

Tejero Molina addresses the Spanish Congress, 1981

Tejero Molina addresses the Spanish Congress, 1981

The U.S. Government and the World’s Great Media Empires Are Using “Mercenary Bloggers” in Their Offensive Against CubaEspañol

By J.P. for La República

Translation: Machetera

The world’s great media empires have undertaken a merciless offensive against the Cuban revolution, offering spectacular coverage to any kind of mercenary blogger movement such as that of Yoani Sánchez or her husband, who receive a spectacular amount of money for the articles they write against the Cuban government and against a supposed censorship that appears rather insignificant in the light of the wide coverage they obtain worldwide.

Last week it was Yoani who issued a denunciation for having been attacked by Cuban agents, but not only was she unable to show any kind of proof of the attack, the doctors who attended her, who were interviewed by La República, did not find any evidence of any kind of aggression.  Later, it would be her husband, Reinaldo Escobar, who would denounce being hit and attacked by a crowd who reacted to his attempted provocation, with shouts in favor of the Cuban revolution.  However, Escobar did not suffer even a scratch from this supposedly “uncontrolled mob.” Continue reading

Marketing war heats up among Cuba’s “dissidents”

Operation Marketing

Esteban N. Martínez for CubaDebate(Español): Operación Marketing

Translation: Machetera

The interview President Barack Obama granted the “blogger” Yoani Sánchez is the culmination of a project I feel like calling Operation Marketing; aimed as it is at the promotion and visibility of a new counter-revolutionary figure in Cuba, in the face of the worn out and battered “dissidence,” fighting like a pack of wolves with fangs bared in search of their prey…money.

The promotion of Yoani Sánchez began some time ago, when Grupo PRISA granted her the Ortega y Gasset prize and another publication put her on their list of the “World’s  (100) Most Influential People,” although in her country she was completely unknown. Continue reading

Yoani Sánchez and Barack Obama in the echo chamber

John William Waterhouse - Echo and Narcissus

Obama’s Best Response to Yoani Sánchez Español

M.H. Lagarde

Translation: Machetera

If anyone is still in doubt about the path of this media freak show that’s come to be known as Yoani Sánchez, the interview that President Barack Obama ended up granting the Cuban mercenary should dispel all suspicions.

It’s pretty surprising that the president of the world’s foremost power, who right now has a war going on two fronts, who faces the opposition of the most reactionary right-wing in the United States due to his proposal to reform the healthcare system, who’s incapable of reducing unemployment generated by the economic crisis, who’s barely said a word about the coup d’etat in Honduras and sows discord between Colombia and Venezuela through new U.S. military bases, should make a hole in his very busy schedule of touring and appearances to answer the questions of a Cuban mercenary blogger. Continue reading

The imperial mandate arrives in Honduras

249458920_f2f7b25791Honduras: An Improbable Solution

By Atilio A. Boron
English translation: Machetera

Has the political crisis in Honduras been resolved?  Although a window of opportunity has opened, every indicator suggests that there is not a lot of room for optimism.  It’s worth recalling what we said here before when the coup d’etat took place: that Micheletti would only remain in power as long as he could count on the support, whether active or passive, of Washington.  It took four months for the White House to understand the high cost that a coup regime would exact in the region.  Beset by the various problems which he faces in his foreign policy, above all, by the rapid deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the miring of his troops in Iraq, Obama wrested the steering wheel from his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the main architect of support for the putschists, and sent Thomas Shannon to Tegucigalpa with the task of restoring order in the tumultuous back yard.  Shortly afterward, Micheletti shelved his bravado and meekly accepted what had previously been unacceptable.  Of course, Shannon had just laid down the imperial mandate.  Continue reading