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Silvio Rodríguez on the U.S. led blockade, Cuban dissidents, music and the media

Silvio Rodríguez: “They’re the same shameless ones who’ve blockaded us for fifty years…” español

By Karina Micheletto

Página 12, Argentina

Translation: Machetera

Silvio Rodríguez is in a not particularly comfortable position: while he carries a symbolic weight, and his name alone recalls an era and particular kind of song – made possible by that very era – the passage of time has presented the challenge of perfecting himself as a troubadour.  The way he has surmounted such a daunting challenge can be heard in Segunda cita [Second Date], the album he recently completed.  The album contains beautiful, powerful songs that are musically enriched by the acoustics of the jazz trio that Rodríguez chose as his accompaniment on this occasion.  “We can’t be eternal prisoners of our past, because we have more tomorrows than yesterdays awaiting us,” says Rodríguez Continue reading


Carmen Nordelo; motherhood’s bright shining star

rosasGerardo Hernández Nordelo, like the rest of the Cuban Five, is being wrongfully held in a maximum security prison in California, under a double life sentence plus 15 years; Miami’s scapegoat for a tragedy he had nothing to do with.  If anything, he was working to prevent it.  And like his compatriots, he is a tremendously courageous, brilliant, dignified human being.  The U.N. has called their detention “arbitrary” and in addition to the sentences pronounced by the judge in their case – sentences remanded to that same judge for revision because of their inappropriate harshness – additional, unwritten, illegal sentences have been imposed upon them.  In Gerardo’s case, his mail is tampered with, arriving late, or sometimes not at all.  He is denied access to what passes for prison email; presumably because the United States of America would be rendered helpless in the face of some unspecified threat, were he able to access the costly, pitiful intranet set up for prisoners to communicate with the outside world.  Continue reading