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Boron on Spain’s “Outraged” and the Paris Commune

Spain: The “Indignant” and the Paris Commune español

By Atilio Boron

Translation: Machetera

Perhaps it’s one of history’s surprises that the popular uprising surging through Spain today (and which is beginning to reverberate throughout the rest of Europe) was sparked on the 140th anniversary of the Paris Commune, a heroic moment in which the fundamental demand was also that of democracy.  But a democracy conceived as a government by, for, and of the people, and not as a regime serving corporate interests of the propertied classes while the people’s interests are inexorably subordinated to the imperative of business profits. Continue reading

El País and NY Times on Wikileaks Guantánamo: From Casios to shwarma

You know that things are going from bad to worse when the spin coming from the newspaper of record in Franco’s country* on the newly leaked files from the U.S. concentration camp in Guantánamo, Cuba, looks like it was written up by leftists in comparison to the NY Times version.  Purely by accident I happened to read the El País version first, where I learned that some of those imprisoned at the camp were considered by their captors to have received explosives training based on nothing more than the fact that they wore Casio F91W wristwatches.

Which is absurd because the U.S. Army (the world’s original explosives trainers) knows perfectly well that real explosives experts like Posada Carriles and his fellow traveler Felix Rodríguez prefer Rolex’s, especially ones stolen from their murder victims.  And then you also have to wonder, Casio F91W’s anyone?  Continue reading

Collateral abuse in the “Russian agent” case

Collateral Abuse in the “Russian Agent” Case


Traducido a español por Manuel Cedeño Berrueta y Manuel Talens, de Tlaxcala

Elian González with his father, Juan Miguel González

It’s a well known fact that for a child, emotional trauma is every bit as damaging as the physical kind and often considerably more difficult to treat, given the fact that it leaves no physical marks.  In the news about the tenth anniversary of Elian’s return to his father in Cuba there was a remarkable quote from Elian himself.  Speaking about the Miami relatives who put him on display like a miniature human trophy and spared no effort to prevent his return to the father he’d been taken from without permission, he said, “Even though they didn’t support us in everything…I have no bitterness.”  For Elian to emerge without bitterness after such suffering is a testament to the family who raised him and the society surrounding them.

Thinking of perfectly avoidable childhood trauma, one has to wonder about the U.S. government’s motivations in its warp-speed roundup of accused Russian agents, the majority of whom were also parents. Continue reading

U.S. government interfered to impose agreement on Vicky Peláez

Vicky Peláez

“The agreement was imposed on Vicky Peláez,” says her attorney español

BBC Mundo

Translation: Machetera

Carlos Moreno, lawyer for the Peruvian journalist Vicky Peláez, said that the accord by which his client confessed to being a spy for Russia was “imposed” by Washington and Moscow and “has nothing to do with the evidence” available to the prosecution.

Shortly after the end of the court hearing against the ten people accused of making up a network of Russian spies, in which the group’s expulsion was decided, Moreno told BBC Mundo that his client had no other option but to accept.

Moreno guesses that the expulsion to Russian will be hardest for Peláez, since she’s the only one in the group who is not a Russian citizen and she must leave her journalistic career behind, something that according to the attorney created “an environment of political persecution” against his client.

Is the defense satisfied with the resolution of the case?

The resolution of this case has nothing to do with the evidence, but with an agreement imposed on the prosecutor, the defense attorneys, and even the Southern District Court by the United States.  It is an agreement between the U.S. government and the Russian Federation.

You say that the executive branch interfered with the judicial process?

That’s my interpretation, because when there’s a negotiation process between the prosecution and the defense attorneys, the process involves just those two parties; there’s no third or fourth participant.  In this case, there was a third participant: the U.S. government, not represented by the prosecution but rather, by the executive branch.  And there were also representatives from the Russian Federation. Continue reading

Politico’s Ben Smith and Left Business Observer’s Doug Henwood join in smear campaign against Vicky Peláez


When the FBI arrested ten Cubans in Miami in 1998, accusing them of espionage and failing to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, Miami’s media immediately went into action, with headlines that screamed “Spies Among Us” and “Experts Claim That Cuba Sells Information Gathered by Spies.”  When the accused finally went to trial in the late fall of 2000 and early 2001, Miami’s rocket scientists had added another charge to the original indictment – that of conspiracy to commit murder – in relation to Cuba’s shootdown of the Brothers to the Rescue aircraft who had defied every warning from both U.S. and Cuban governments in order to repeatedly trespass into Cuban airspace.  For the court case, the media went into overdrive. Continue reading

The political persecution of Vicky Peláez

Son of Peruvian Journalist Arrested in United States Denounces Persecution español

Translation: Machetera


Lima, June 29 (Prensa Latina) – Waldo Mariscal, the oldest son of the Peruvian-U.S. journalist, Vicky Peláez, arrested and accused of espionage in the United States, is convinced that his mother is a victim of political persecution.

This was reported on Manuel Avendaño’s radio program in Lima.  Avendaño is a journalist for the Spanish daily La Prensa in New York, a colleague of Peláez, who said he was surprised by the capture of his colleague. Continue reading

U.S. to accused Russian agents: Do as we say, not as we do

Journalist Critical of U.S. Government Accused of Spying

M.H. Lagarde – Cambios en Cuba – español

English translation: Machetera

Vicky Peláez, the Peruvian journalist who writes for the Hispanic newspaper El Diario/La Prensa in New York, is among 10 people arrested under the accusation of presumably working for undercover Russian agents in the United States.

Authorities confirmed that Peláez was arrested along with her husband, Juan Lázaro, on Sunday at their residence in Yonkers, a suburb of New York City. Continue reading