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Francisco Chávez Abarca: a very big fish

Terrorist’s Capture a Warning of Possible Conspiracy Against Venezuelan Government español

Translation: Machetera for Tlaxcala

teleSUR (Caracas) – Venezuela’s lawyer in the Posada Carriles case, José Pertierra, warned that the terrorist recently arrested near the International Maiquetía airport (in the northern state of Vargas), Francisco Chávez Abarca, “is not the person who detonated or placed the bomb,” but the person who recruited killers to carry out the action.  He urged authorities to investigate “who was going to meet with this individual” during his time in Caracas.

Venezuela’s attorney in the extradition case of Luis Posada Carriles, José Pertierra, warned that the presence in this Latin American country of the terrorist Francisco Chávez Abarca, who was arrested this Thursday, could respond to a planned conspiracy against the government of President Hugo Chávez and even an attempt on his life.

“I’m sure that (Chávez Abarca) didn’t come to Venezuela to get some sun on Isla de Margarita.  It’s very probable that he had a hidden, terrorist plan,” Pertierra warned in an exclusive interview with teleSUR. Continue reading

El Salvador’s Funes moves his chips to the dark side

Torn between two Models – Funes follows Obama

By Diana Barahona –

[Español abajo]

Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who was carried to power by the FMLN this past March but quickly jettisoned the party from his government, has obliquely recognized the results of yesterday’s electoral farce in neighboring Honduras.

During his presidential campaign Funes rejected any affinity for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and instead insisted that his models were Brazilian President Inacio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama. But those models are bitterly split over Obama’s support for the June 28 coup in Honduras and its subsequent legitimation by sham elections carried out yesterday. The United States followed up on its commitment to recognize the elections no matter what, but Lula has resisted pressure to do the same. Continue reading

The high price of U.S. puppetry

Remember Manuel Noriega, our man in Panama?  Until he wasn’t?  Somebody else down south has similar reasons to worry.  Atilio Boron explains why.

image004Uribe’s Mirror

by Atilio Boron

Translation: David Brookbank for ALAI (Latin America in Movement)

August 26, 2009

The UNASUR summit in Bariloche, Argentina will have to face two grave problems weighing heavily on Latin America: the military coup in Honduras and the militarization of the region as a result of the installation of not one but seven U.S. military bases in Colombia.

Regarding the first problem, UNASUR ought to demand consistency from Barack Obama in his statements of support for a new era of inter-American relations.  As has been pointed out on numerous occasions, the coup is a trial balloon intended to test the reactions of the peoples and governments of the region.  And that it happened in Honduras is precisely because that is the country most intensely subjected to the ideological influence and political dominance of Washington. Continue reading

Obama’s theatre of impartiality

busydayThis has gone completely unreported in the English language press, as far as Machetera can see.

With an exquisite sense of timing and the sure knowledge that few non-Latin Americans would understand the implications (and therefore bother to report on them), directly after pummeling Honduran president Mel Zelaya into a “dialogue” with the people who shoved him out of Honduras at gunpoint, the U.S. Secretary of State went straight to a meeting yesterday afternoon with two of the most repugnant people in Latin America: Alberto Federico Ravell, director of coupmongering Globovision, and Leopoldo Castillo, who has a program on Globovision but is more notorious for his service to rightwing deathsquads during the 1980’s, as Venezuela’s ambassador to El Salvador.

Greg McDonald translated the following report which appeared at Cubadebate, based on information reported by Luigino Bracci Roa at YVKE Mundial, as well as reporting from ABN.

The North American Twin Track: Clinton with the Venezuelan Ultra-Rightwing


Clinton together with Alberto Federico Ravell and former Venezuelan Ambassador to El Salvador, Leopoldo Castillo – Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Continue reading

A desperate, drowning Honduran oligarchy

drwnMicheletti Entered Through the Roof, Just Like Thieves Do

Luis Alvarenga, Rebelión
Translation: Machetera

The de facto President of Honduras, Micheletti, entered the Presidential Palace on Monday, not through the main doorway but through the rooftop, with the aid of a military helicopter.  He came in the way robbers do.  The loot was democracy.  It was stolen from Honduras this weekend.  Rightwing business and ranching interests, together with the military, took advantage of a referendum called by the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, in order to justify what they had longed for, for some time: the re-taking of absolute power. Continue reading

What is going on with Mauricio Funes?

mauricioFunesWhat is going on with Mauricio Funes?

by Omar Montilla

Translation by Diana Barahona

Funes puts his hopes in the IMF, the World Bank and Mexican oligarchs

El Salvador’s president-elect, Mauricio Funes, will participate in the joint general assembly of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. “I am going to express my opinion, present what the priorities [of the country] are, so that they can explain to us the state of the relationship with the government, what it is that they see,” Funes said in brief statements to journalists after meeting with business leaders of the country. He will also speak at a regional forum titled “Latin America and the Global Crisis.” Evidently pleased, he said, “So I will be the only Latin American president attending this forum, as a president-elect.” Has Funes asked himself why the rest of the presidents of Latin America won’t be at that meeting? Continue reading