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Behind the Coup in Ecuador

Behind the Coup in Ecuador – The Rightwing Attack on ALBA español

By Eva Golinger

Translation: Machetera

The latest coup attempt against one of the countries in the Bolivarian Alliance For The People of Our America (ALBA) is attempt to impede Latin American integration and the advance of revolutionary democratic processes.  The rightwing is on the attack in Latin America.  Its success in 2009 in Honduras against the government of Manuel Zelaya energized it and gave it the strength and confidence to strike again against the people and revolutionary governments in Latin America. Continue reading

Quito’s Police: CIA breeding ground

“I applied and was accepted at the Escuela superior de policía de Quito, and studied there from September 1992 to August 1995.”

Guy Philippe, speaking to Peter Hallward about his background prior to leading an armed insurgency that contributed to the removal of Haiti’s elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Report Confirmed: U.S. Intelligence Thoroughly Penetrated the Ecuadoran Policeespañol

By Jean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

The uprising by putschist elements of the Ecuadoran police against President Rafael Correa confirms an alarming report about the infiltration of the Ecuadoran police by U.S. intelligence services released in 2008, which indicated that many members of the police corps developed a “dependence” on the U.S. Embassy. Continue reading

El Salvador’s Funes moves his chips to the dark side

Torn between two Models – Funes follows Obama

By Diana Barahona –

[Español abajo]

Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes, who was carried to power by the FMLN this past March but quickly jettisoned the party from his government, has obliquely recognized the results of yesterday’s electoral farce in neighboring Honduras.

During his presidential campaign Funes rejected any affinity for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and instead insisted that his models were Brazilian President Inacio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama. But those models are bitterly split over Obama’s support for the June 28 coup in Honduras and its subsequent legitimation by sham elections carried out yesterday. The United States followed up on its commitment to recognize the elections no matter what, but Lula has resisted pressure to do the same. Continue reading

The imperial mandate arrives in Honduras

249458920_f2f7b25791Honduras: An Improbable Solution

By Atilio A. Boron
English translation: Machetera

Has the political crisis in Honduras been resolved?  Although a window of opportunity has opened, every indicator suggests that there is not a lot of room for optimism.  It’s worth recalling what we said here before when the coup d’etat took place: that Micheletti would only remain in power as long as he could count on the support, whether active or passive, of Washington.  It took four months for the White House to understand the high cost that a coup regime would exact in the region.  Beset by the various problems which he faces in his foreign policy, above all, by the rapid deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the miring of his troops in Iraq, Obama wrested the steering wheel from his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the main architect of support for the putschists, and sent Thomas Shannon to Tegucigalpa with the task of restoring order in the tumultuous back yard.  Shortly afterward, Micheletti shelved his bravado and meekly accepted what had previously been unacceptable.  Of course, Shannon had just laid down the imperial mandate.  Continue reading

Allan McDonald on Obama’s prize

For more about Wendy Elizabeth Ávila, see Avi Lewis’s report for Faultlines, embedded at the end of this post.


Wendy and Obama Español

Peace as a medal rather than a principle

By Allan McDonald

English translation: Machetera

Wendy Elizabeth Ávila was born in Tegucigalpa on June 28, 1985, under a rain of melancholy ashes.

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961, under a carnival of Asiatic colors.

Wendy went to a public school, poor, like her comrades, and in her arms she always carried notebooks with the word “hope” written in upper case.

Obama went to the prestigious Harvard Law School with its hors d’oeuvres enriched by the protein of the judiciary.

Wendy grew up with an open smile, fresh with dreams.

Obama grew up in the mists of greed and public lies. Continue reading

Armando Valladares and the “Axle of Evil”

AxleReadyToPullGolly, look at the time.  It’s mid-September already and everybody’s handing out prizes.

The blocked Cuban blogger and her frightful husband Reinaldo Escobar are handing out NED Polish funded laptops in their first annual Eeyore Awards (don’t apply unless you’re a Cuban who only writes about Cuba as a dark and gloomy place); M.H. Lagarde and his illustrious jury are handing out smashed Juanes cds and U.S. Interests Section shortwave radios (batteries not included) for the best homophobic comments and unsigned death and torture threats, (among other things), so now it’s Machetera’s turn.

But before describing the prize, let’s announce September’s prizewinner, because really you just cannot make these things up, and Armando Valladares has been waiting awhile.

Not long after Machetera and Revolter published their exposé about just exactly what Otto Reich and his protegé, Robert Carmona-Borjas, have been working on in Honduras over the last couple of years, Machetera received the first of a chain of ongoing spams from Valladares.  The spams were sent from the same people who were for awhile emailing Machetera several times a day asking her if she would like to download some kind of Michael Jackson clipart, proving a) the spammer chosen by Valladares is relatively agnostic about his clients and b) Valladares is equally agnostic about the reprehensible practice of spamming.

Valladares, in case you do not know, is the mad (and I mean mad) Cuban bomber who faked paralysis in order to gain worldwide sympathy for his release from prison in Cuba.  But don’t take Machetera’s word for it.  Look what Fidel told Ignacio Ramonet about him, in the book so beautifully translated by Andrew Hurley: Continue reading

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador’s via dolorosa

This is another part of Dick Emanuelsson’s piece on Israeli commandos working as military advisers in Honduras.

The Magdiel Case

By Dick Emanuelsson

Translation: Machetera


A photo published on page 62 of the La Tribuna newspaper published in Tegucigalpa shows a soldier dressed in olive green camouflage and a military helmet, dragging Magdiel.


One important detail is that the firearm he is carrying in his right hand is similar to an M16 but smaller.  This kind of firearm is only used by members of the Armed Forces, specifically the Army.

Relatives in Tegucigalpa were able to easily identify Magdiel when they saw the photo in La Tribuna of his capture, by his clothing and his face.  At the same time the news was coming out on the radio about the dead man found in El Paraíso and through the descriptions they knew immediately that it had to do with a member of their family. Continue reading