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Alpha 66 and Miami on the job in Tegucigalpa

From Cubadebate:

  • There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton was the one who solicited the interview with Globovision.
  • There’s no doubt that all the questions were planned.
  • There’s no doubt that the time and the place of the meeting (immediately after her meeting with President Manuel Zelaya) were part of the message.
  • There’s no doubt that this interview is part of the campaign against Venezuela described by Angel Palacios in the following article:

The Campaign of Hatred Against Venezuela

By Angel Palacios/Honduras Resiste

Translation: Machetera

odiovzla01-300x200Along Morazán Boulevard, the “Zona Rosa” of the Honduran capital where you need to have money…and plenty of it, to live, the newspaper “El Heraldo” has plastered posters at the stoplights carrying the most important news according to the paper’s editorial line.  They say: “Chávez planned an aerial provocation.”

Nothing new.  The campaign to demonize Venezuela, President Chávez and the Bolivarian process has been a tonic for the usurper government and its allies since weeks before the coup d’etat.  On the radio and tv broadcasts controlled by the putschists, it’s normal to hear Chávez and Venezuela mentioned as associated with supposed actions of interference, invasion, attacks, conspiracies. Continue reading


Reporters for the Truth deconstructs Hillary’s Busy Day

From – translation by Machetera

pflvJuly 8, 2009 – In a communique addressed to our editorial staff, the organization “Journalists for the Truth” denounced the intentions behind yesterday’s interview of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Globovision mafia representatives.

The note states:

“The interview between the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and representatives of the privately held Globovision TV news channel provides evidence that this station is a political partisan of the ultra-rightwing opposition to the government of President Hugo Chávez Frías, and the only one recognized by Barack Obama.

It is notable that the State Department is receiving spokesmen from a television channel that is undergoing administrative review and sanctions in our country, for its presumed violations of our laws and our Constitution. Continue reading

Obama’s non-non-interference pledge

Spanish translation by Atenea Acevedo available here.


Obama’s Non-non Interference Pledge

With apologies to Gertrude Stein.

Oh, the irony.

Today, at the “New Economic School” in Moscow, Russia, which President Obama himself pointed out was “founded with Western support,” Obama recurred to a phrase we’ve come to hear from him with some frequency: “Let me be clear.”

Now let me be clear: America cannot and should not seek to impose any system of government on any other country, nor would we presume to choose which party or individual should run a country. And we haven’t always done what we should have on that front. Even as we meet here today, America supports now the restoration of the democratically-elected President of Honduras, even though he has strongly opposed American policies. We do so not because we agree with him. We do so because we respect the universal principle that people should choose their own leaders, whether they are leaders we agree with or not.

But the President’s actions are anything but clear.  If people are still confused about how to “read” Obama, Machetera has a suggestion. Watch what he does, not what he says. Continue reading

Micheletti: First, get the cartoonist! And the baby!

amcdThese are the people the putschists in Honduras fear the most.  They fear them so much they put them at the top of the arrest list.

It’s Allan McDonald, a Honduran cartoonist, and his 17 month old daughter, who were arrested at 3 a.m. Monday morning and taken to a hotel where they shared their detention with two foreign journalists and the Venezuelan consul.  The Honduran military hasn’t gotten around to sports stadiums yet, apparently.  Hotel does not equal food, in case you were wondering.  McDonald and his daughter were given water, nothing else, during the nearly 24 hours they were under arrest.

Meanwhile back at McDonald’s house, in the best Nazi tradition, the military busied itself tearing the place apart and building a bonfire for all of McDonald’s cartoons and his art supplies.  The news report that appeared at YVKE Mundial (originally from follows: Continue reading

Cuban ambassador targeted in Honduras


A curious detail has emerged from the coup underway in Honduras, thanks to the Cuban News Agency (and thanks to Magbana for pointing it out).

During a press conference at the venue of the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) in Havana, Rodriguez [Cuba’s Foreign Minister] also condemned the military’s violation of the diplomatic immunity of Cuba’s Ambassador to Tegucigalpa Juan Carlos Hernandez, who was kidnapped and beaten along with Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas in the presence of the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan ambassadors.

Note that Rodriguez does not speak of the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan ambassadors being beaten.  Just the Cuban and the Honduran, in their “presence.” Continue reading

Back from the salt mine

saltIt’s a difficult job, but somebody’s got to do it.

And unlike Ernesto Hernández Busto, those of us who lack a check from Langley have to find other ways of putting food on the table.  But now that Machetera’s bank account is stabilized again, she can turn her attention to things a little closer to her heart.  Like reminding everyone (in case you missed it) that Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, was in Baghdad a month ago courtesy of the U.S. State Department, for talks on how to reconstruct the Iraqi information network destroyed by Iraq’s occupiers, and (conveniently) promote Twitter into the bargain.  Continue reading

You say Varela, Barrons says Barilla


Imagine Machetera’s glee as this drifted into her mailbox (thank you Walter Lippmann!).  As Nelson Valdes points out, in Cuba, barilla means the cheap lightweight wood you use to make a kite, but Machetera likes to think of it as her preferred brand of pasta.  And what better way to remember that dim bulb, or should we say overcooked noodle, Oswaldo Paya, than as the frontman for the Barilla Project?  Whatever happened to Paya anyway?  Poor guy, eclipsed by the newest Washington pasta projects: Yoani Sánchez and Oscar Espinosa Chepe (the latter briefly mentioned in the Barrons article as a founding Barilla member.)  You can only cook pasta so long before it goes to mush. Continue reading