The missing Osama “lair” picture released and later scrubbed by ABC News

Not long after the White House announcement about its US Navy Seals operation in Abbottabad, ABC News released a set of pictures from what it claimed was the interior of Bin Laden’s home.  With ABC refusing to share the photos with other news conglomerates, both the NY Times and Wall Street Journal handled the photos gingerly, using language like: “Footage obtained by ABC News showed what the network said was a room inside the compound,” or “Footage obtained by ABC News showed what appeared to be blood on a floor inside the compound.”

Later, ABC released the video from which the images were presumably culled.  Missing from both the video and later uploads of the picture series was the photo above.  Why did ABC scrub this particular segment?  If the legs are Nick Schifrin’s, the ABC correspondent who seemed to have breached the security cordon, why is the video so shitty?  If the legs are not Schifrin’s, which intelligence agency produced it and why is ABC so concerned about protecting the anonymity of the mystery legs?  And when will we see photos from inside Luis Posada Carriles’ lair? (Never.)

In fact, Simon McGuinness, in a post at the CubaNews listserve, aptly points out the following:

Anyone care to suggest how the baying mob in Times Square, that has graced the world’s TV screens today, would respond to the following report:

“Cuban President, Raul Castro, has announced a successful raid on the mansion of Luis Posada Carriles in Florida and reports that the terrorist, his wife, son and some unidentified others were killed by Cuban commandos after a shoot-out. His body was photographed and taken away for burial at sea. No Cuban lives were lost in the mission. The world is a safer place without him. God bless Cuba.”

The difference, of course, is that Posada is a convicted terrorist, a self confessed mass murderer and fugitive from justice that the US government refuses to extradite. We have only the US president’s word that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for any act of terrorism.

The other difference is that the Cuban President doesn’t engage in assassination of his political opponents.

4 responses to “The missing Osama “lair” picture released and later scrubbed by ABC News

  1. Right on, Machetera!!! Can’t fault your impecable logic (not that I would wish to).
    Glad to see you are aware of the total lack of evidence that OBL had sweet FA to do with 9/11; in fact, you have a strange ‘bedfellow’ in your assertion; the FBI’s spokesman, when asked why their ‘Most Wanted’ list had OBL No. 1 (for his supposed African Embassy bombings) didn’t list 9/11 among his ‘alleged’ crimes, replied ‘We have no hard evidence’.
    Touchee! And seeing as the Yanks say they ‘buried the body at sea’, and seeing as they are claiming (now that massive web and tweet messages prove picture released to the press was a fake, that had been around for 2 or 3 years) that the pic was not released by them, and are saying because of the ‘gruesome’ nature of the pics, they won’t be releasing any pics at all, but they have ‘DNA evidence’ (which even if they have, could easily have been gleaned while Osama was doing US’s dirty work, and fighting the Russians in Afghanistan), all we have is their word.
    The old adage, the first casualty of war (‘War on Terror’) is Truth; Mossad’s motto, ‘By deceipt shall we make war’, and common sense should (I say should, but whether it does or not is another matter) should make us very wary indeed of the word of War Criminals, Criminals Against Humanity and Criminals Against Peace.
    By the by, I sincerely suggest any readers of this post watch online videos, ‘Aaron Russo – Historic Interview’, and ‘Everyboody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’. Aaron Russo tells how Venezuela is in the firing line of the NWO.

  2. Thanks, the logic was not really mine, it was Simon’s, but I agree and made a similar point when the obits about the terrorist Orlando Bosch circled the world a few days ago.

  3. Dear Machetera,
    On this occasion, I would like to thank you for your work in general – we translated your translations often into German and posted them at our website,
    This time, we took your citation of our Irish comrade Simon McGuinness and published its translation at our website again.
    With Simon we worked already in 2004 together when trying to nominate the Cuban Five for Nobel Prize of Peace, and in January 2005 it turned out, they were nominated indeed, among 200 others.

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