Hillary Clinton & Harley Lappin: two people who can stop the torture of Gerardo Hernández now

This picture matches the description of the "hole" where Gerardo Hernández is being held

For Over A Week Gerardo Hernández Nordelo Has Been Held In The Hole At Victorville Prison Without Committing Any Infraction

Urgent Communiqué from the International Committee to Free the Cuban Five

On July 21st, without committing any infraction, Gerardo Hernández was taken to the hole in the federal prison at Victorville, California. The hole is an inhumane windowless space of 7 x 3 feet reserved for prisoners who the prison authorities, for whatever reason, want to isolate. Gerardo is sharing this small space with another prisoner and there is very little ventilation because the air comes from just a small vent on the top of a wall. Temperatures in Victorville are running as high as 105 degrees now and in the space of this tiny cell it is around 95 degrees. He is not allowed to take a shower and is being taken outside in a cage only one hour every other day. Gerardo has been seen by his sister Isabel through a glass with a phone.

Although Gerardo is still young, 12 years of living in high security penitentiaries has taken its toll and recently Gerardo began experiencing some health issues including high blood pressure.  In April he requested a medical appointment and finally on July 20, three months later, he was seen by a doctor. Currently there is a bacterium that is circulating through the prison with some of those cases being serious. The doctor had prescribed a blood test for Gerardo but instead of receiving that he was abruptly taken to the hole the next day.

This new harassment against Gerardo takes place at a critical time when he is preparing his Habeas Corpus appeal, presented to the courts in June. It is alarming that this is the third time that Gerardo has found himself in the hole while preparing for an appeal.

The violations against Gerardo are endless and must stop immediately. During 12 years he has been denied the basic right to receive visits from his wife Adriana.  Gerardo, like his four brothers, is innocent and the United States knows that his only crime was to defend his country against terrorist attacks.

Instead of freeing them and sending them back to their homeland and their families, as has been demanded by the Cuban people, 10 Nobel Prize and thousands of people from all over the world, the Obama Administration has picked up where Bush left off by punishing Gerardo at every turn.

Along with the Cuban people and the international community we hold the U.S .government responsible for the life and physical integrity of Gerardo.

It is very important for every supporter of the Cuban Five and all justice loving people who receive this message to call, fax, mail or e-mail immediately to the  numbers and addresses below to demand that Gerardo be:

  • Returned immediately to the general population
  • Receive urgent medical attention
  • Allowed visits by his wife Adriana Pérez
  • Given space and respect as he prepares for his appeals

US State Department
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520
Phone Number: 1-202-647-4000
Fax Number: 1-202-647-2283

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Director Harley G. Lappin
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC  20534

Phone Number: 202-307-3198.
E-mail: info@bop.gov

One response to “Hillary Clinton & Harley Lappin: two people who can stop the torture of Gerardo Hernández now

  1. My sympathies. The BoP Gulag is a disgrace to this country and Lappin runs an operation that is brutal, inhumane and beholden to no one.

    This sort of conduct occurs in other cases. The BoP is arbitrary and capricious, mean and unresponsive. It should have no place in this country and must be reformed.

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