Iran, Obama’s War

Iran, Obama’s War español

Atilio Boron

English Translation: Machetera for Tlaxcala

Amitai Eztioni is one of the most influential sociologists in the world.  Born in Germany, he emigrated to Israel during the years that state was being founded, settling later in the United States where he began a long academic career that led him to pass through some of the most prestigious universities in that country: Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, culminating in most recent years, as Professor of International Relations at George Washington University in Washington D.C.  But his activities were not limited to university faculties: he was a permanent consultant to a variety of U.S. presidents, particularly Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  And since 9/11, with the inordinate rise of militarism, his voice has resonated with growing force in the U.S. establishment.  Just a few days ago he offered a new example.

An unconditional apologist for the State of Israel, he published an article in Military Review (the U.S. Army’s scholarly journal) that reveals the “climate of opinion” that prevails among the U.S. rightwing, the military industrial complex and the loftiest sectors of the administration, particularly the Pentagon.  The title of his article says it all:  “Can a Nuclear-Armed Iran be Deterred?” The answer, needless to say, is negative.  The publication of this article could not have arrived at a more opportune moment for U.S. warmongers, when repeated reports – silenced by the press that calls itself “free” or “independent” – speak of the deployment of U.S. and Israeli warships via the Suez Canal in Iran’s direction, raising fears of an imminent war.  In some of his latest “Reflections,” Comandante Fidel Castro has warned, with his customary lucidity, of the ominous implications of the military escalation unleashed by Washington against the Iranians, a pattern that is not dissimilar to that used to justify the aggression against Iraq: diplomatic hounding, denunciations before the U.N., increasingly rigorous sanctions from the Security Council; Tehran’s “failure to comply” and the inevitable military outcome.

The Comandante’s somber predictions look optimistic in comparison to those suggested by this gloomy ideologue for the U.S. warhawks.  In an interview granted last Wednesday to Natasha Mozgovaya, U.S. correspondent for the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Etzioni repeated what he had expressed in Military Review, namely: Iran is trying to build a nuclear arsenal and that is unacceptable.  The only option is an exemplary military attack, and it would be preferable to launch it a month prior and not ten days after the demonized Iran has the atomic bomb at its disposal.

In his article, the GWU professor insists on pointing out that any other alternative should be discounted: diplomacy failed; U.N. sanctions are inefficient; bombing nuclear facilities would not change much because, according to the declarations of the Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, the only thing it would achieve would be to retard the advance of the Iranian atomic project for three years; and lastly, dissuasion doesn’t work with “irrational actors” such as the current government of Iran, dominated by irrational fundamentalism, in contrast to the  sober and measured rationality of the Israeli rulers who murder humanitarian activists in the middle of the Mediterranean.  Therefore, the only really effective solution is the destruction of Iran’s infrastructure in order to make it impossible for the nuclear program to continue.

This attack, he cynically adds, “might be interpreted by Tehran as a declaration of total war,” but since Obama’s attempts at dialogue have failed, it is urgent and essential to adopt drastic measures if the United States does not want to lose its dominance in the Middle East at the hands of Iran.

Because of its huge oil reserves – surpassed only by Saudi Arabia and Canada, and much larger than those of Iraq, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates – Iran tantalizes the rapacious desires of U.S. imperialism, which with three percent of the worldwide population, consumes 25 percent of worldwide oil production.  Furthermore, it must not be forgotten that war is the main business of the military-industrial complex, so that in order to maintain its earnings and profits, airplanes, missiles, helicopters, etc., must be used and destroyed.

In this way, the ill-fated marriage between “preventive war” and “infinite war” continues on its unalterable path, now under a presidency led by a Nobel Peace prizewinner, whose servile attitude toward such dark interests unites with his lack of courage to honor that prize, putting humanity on the edge of an abyss.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the author, source, and translator are cited.

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