Fidel again on the nuclear war nobody is talking about

Knowing the Truth in Time CubaDebate (español)

Fidel Castro Ruz

Translation: Machetera

When writing each one of my previous Reflections, while a catastrophe for humanity is rapidly approaching, my greatest concern has been to perform the basic duty of informing our people.

Today I’m calmer than I’ve been for 26 days.  As things continue to happen at short notice, I can reiterate and add to the reports presented to Cuban and international opinion.

Obama has promised to attend the World Cup quarter-finals on July 2nd, if his country advances from the second round.  He should know better than anyone that these quarter-finals may not take place since very serious events will take place before then, or at least he ought to know that.

On Friday, June 25th, an international news agency known for its close attention to detail in its reports, published the declarations of the “…commander of the elite Navy corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, General Ali Fadavi…” warning “…that if the United States and its allies inspect Iranian ships in international waters, ‘they will receive a response in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.’”

The information came from the Iranian Mehr news agency.

The Mehr dispatch reported: “Fadavi added that ‘the Navy of the Revolutionary Guards has at its disposal hundreds of ships equipped with missile launchers.”

The information which emerged at practically the same time it was published in Granma, or before, was on certain points practically a carbon copy of the paragraphs from my Reflection, produced on June 24th and published in Granma on Friday, the 25th.

The coincidence can be explained by the basic use of logical reasoning that I always apply.  I don’t speak a word of Farsi.

I don’t doubt in the least that as soon as the U.S. and Israeli warships occupy their positions – along with the rest of the U.S. military ships located near the Iranian coastline – and try to inspect the first merchant ship from that country, a shower of missiles will be set off in all directions.  It will be the exact moment in which the terrible war will begin.  It’s impossible to predict how many ships will sink, nor under which flag.

The most important thing for our people is that they know the truth in time.

It doesn’t matter that by instinct, almost everyone, perhaps 99.9% of my fellow countrymen, remain hopeful and agree with me in a sincere desire to be mistaken.  I have spoken with people in the closest circles and have simultaneously received news from many noble, devoted and dutiful citizens, who upon reading my Reflections do not challenge their considerations in the least, but assimilate, believe and ingest the reasoning I set forward, yet immediately dedicate their time to carrying out the work to which their energies are devoted.

That’s exactly what we wish for our countrymen.  What would be worse would be for them to suddenly be made aware of news of serious events, without having heard any news whatsoever beforehand about such possibilities, thereby falling into confusion and panic, something undignified for as heroic a people as the Cubans who were on the brink of being targeted for a massive nuclear attack in October of 1962, and never wavered for a moment in carrying out their duties.

While carrying out heroic internationalist missions, courageous combatants and commanders of our Revolutionary Armed Forces were on the verge of being victims of nuclear attacks against the Cuban troops who were approaching the southern Angolan border, where the racist South African troops had been displaced after the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, and had entrenched themselves along the border with Namibia.

The Pentagon, with the knowledge of the President of the United States, supplied the racist South Africans with some 14 nuclear weapons, through Israel, weapons that were more powerful than those dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as we’ve explained in other Reflections.

I’m neither a prophet nor a seer. Nobody told me a word of what was to happen; everything has been a result of what we now qualify as logical reasoning.

We are neither novices nor meddlers in this complicated matter.

In the nuclear aftermath, what will happen in the rest of the Spanish [and Portuguese] speaking Americas can be predicted.

In such circumstances, there’ll be no talk of capitalism or socialism; only a stage of administering the goods and services available in this part of the continent.  Inevitably those who today head each country will continue to govern, some of whom are very close to socialism and others filled with euphoria by the opening of a world market that today opens itself to fuels, uranium, copper, lithium, aluminum, iron and other metals that today are being sent to the rich, developed countries that will suddenly disappear.

Abundant food supplies that are today being exported to this world market will also disappear abruptly.

In such circumstances, the most basic products required to live: food, water, fuel and the resources of the hemisphere to the south of the United States, are abundant enough to support a bit of civilization, whose uncontrolled advances have led humanity to such a disaster.

There are, however, still many uncertainties.  Will the two most powerful nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, be able to abstain from launching their nuclear weapons at one another?  What is not in doubt in the least is that from Europe, the nuclear weapons belonging to the allies of the United States and Israel: Great Britain and France – who enthusiastically supported the resolution that will inevitably trigger the war which, for reasons already explained, will immediately go nuclear – threaten Russian territory, although just like China, that country has tried to avoid forceful measures and each of their possibilities.

The economy of the superpower will collapse like a house of cards.  U.S. society is the least prepared to support a catastrophe such as the one the empire has created in the same territory where it was born.

We don’t know what the environmental effects will be of the nuclear weapons that will inevitably explode in various parts of our planet, and that, under the least serious scenario, will explode in abundance.

To conjecture a serious hypothesis would be pure science fiction on my part.

Fidel Castro Ruz
June 27th, 2010
2:15 p.m.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the international network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the author, source, translator and editor are cited.

4 responses to “Fidel again on the nuclear war nobody is talking about

  1. as much as i hope that fidel is wrong, i am worried that this campaign against iran will end in war. the empire only moves it’s bellicose pieces for the purpose of unleashing hell fire.

  2. What makes US belligerence toward Iran so despicable is that Brazil and Turkey had effectively hammered out a deal that would have made any chance of a nuclear armed Iran impossible, but because the US wasn’t at the table at the time and can’t simply let the world try to run itself with out its “benevolent” guiding hand where still on the brink of another costly war.

  3. I have every respect for Fidel; I would love to meet him.
    Re the ‘Empire’, this has been planned and implemented over many years, particularly in early years of the last century, leading to WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and countless others (I won’t go into recent ones, most people are au fait with them already.
    Check out ‘Aaron Russo – Historic Interview’ video; Aaron was told by Nick Rockefeller 11 months before 9/11 that ‘there would be an incident, and it would lead to US going into Afghanistan and Iraq’, that there would then be a ‘War on Terror’, and that then they would go after Venezuela.
    4th Fleet was recently recommissioned, having been ‘mothballed’ after WW II, and sails around the Caribean and Pacific near Venezuela. Seven bases have been leased from US puppet regime of Colombia, with any other airfields available if required.
    But it may well be that a ‘provocation’ (boarding Iranian cargo ships) or a classical ‘False Flag’ attack, like Hitler’s ‘Operation Himmler’, Israeli/US attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, or the Gulf of Tonkin lie, will spark the attack on Iran.
    Then perhaps everything will go ‘ballistic’.
    The US, Israeli, British and many other countries Luciferian leaders love carnage; they will pay a terrible price on the ‘Day of Judgement’ (I know you don’t believe that, Fidel, but it is true.
    Paul Barbara, London UK

  4. I pray Fidel is wrong but the zionazis want this war and they control the US

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