Ernesto Hernández Busto, Peter Ackerman and James Glassman in the same room? Call the firemen!

Hat tip to Eva Golinger…sometimes the news just doesn’t get any better than this.  It seems that Machetera’s secret admirer, Ernesto Hernández Busto, is hitting the talking heads circuit now for who else but his other American idol, George W. Bush.

W, whose latest vanity project is something called the George W. Bush Institute (whatever happened to the good old days of disgraced presidents quietly slithering off to San Clemente?) has hired James Glassman to run the shop and put on silly dog and pony shows like the one EHB will be joining on April 19 in Dallas.  The “Conference on Cyber-Dissidents,” co-sponsored by NED beneficiary Freedom House will also feature Al Giordano’s new best friend Peter Ackerman, and a raft of other guests linked to U.S. intelligence.

Rodrigo Diamante will represent “Venezuela,” and according to Golinger, “comes from the ‘White Hands’ student movement created by Washington and the sectors in opposition to the government of Hugo Chávez; using students and youth to promote destabilizing actions that would promote ‘regime change.'”  Diamante has a similar resume to Ackerman‘s other child prodigy, Ivan Marovic, who helped with a movement with an embarrassingly similar brand in Yugoslavia and was most recently reported to be swanning about Honduras along with Giordano.

Golinger continues: “[Diamante’s] organization, Futuro Presente, was created in 2009 by the extreme rightwing Venezuelan leader Yon Goicochea, with financing and support from the Cato Institute in Washington.”

Ernesto Hernández Busto in his natural habitat, the pay per view conference circuit

But back to Ernesto.  What country will this panelist be in Dallas to represent?  I mean, here’s the question; don’t tell me he’s going to disembark in the United States using a Cuban passport.  Because we all know the deal with Cubans and visas.  No, I believe things will go much more smoothly if he comes in on the little red one – the one from Spain.  Nevertheless, James Glassman will introduce him as representing Cuba, because probably Frank Calzon wasn’t available and doesn’t really know how to operate the Interweb anyway, and that’ll be fine because remember that James Glassman was the guy who was telling us all in 1999 that the Dow was going to hit 36,000 in three to five years, so best hurry and throw all your money into the market right away.  Oops.

5 responses to “Ernesto Hernández Busto, Peter Ackerman and James Glassman in the same room? Call the firemen!

  1. Dear “Machetera”,
    Maybe you think that if you’re not a Castro fan, your not a “real” Cuban. But believe me, shit happens…
    By the way, why do you say that Goicochea is a “extreme rightwing” activist?

    • Ernesto darling, I knew you would not be able to resist my charms, but perhaps the split with Zoe has narrowed your options.

      This is not about Fidel; that’s the problem with all you ex-Cubans. You personalize everything. This is about selling out your country, your former fellow-Cubans, to a really nasty fascist imperialist power. Doesn’t that embarrass you? Don’t you feel even slightly ashamed about going to bed with George W. Bush, of all people? “Shit happens”?!! I certainly hope you’ll be a little more articulate than that in Dallas.

      I didn’t say that Goicochea was an “extreme rightwing” leader, Eva Golinger did, and Eva’s no slouch when it comes to documentation. In fact as she pointed out recently, Goicochea is the “current leader of the ultra-conservative Primero Justicia party and winner of the Cato Institute’s Milton Friedman award for promoting neoliberal politics” and also the “most extreme opposition party to Chávez.” Primero Justicia also received funding from the NED’s International Republican Institute – the same people incidentally who funded and trained the death squad “rebels” in the Dominican Republic to go after Aristide, so yes, I’d say that puts him/them on the far rightwingnut end of the political spectrum.

      And now that I’ve done your research for you, how about answering a couple of questions for me? Who’s buying your trip to Dallas? And which passport will it be this time, the red or the green?

  2. Dear “Ernesto”
    I am always curious about the dynamics of personal growth and moral development.
    cual fue su precio?

  3. poooooooooor Ernesto…he is, was, and will be a muerto de hambre..

  4. Machetera, thank you for your eloquent comment. In getting back to obtuse, nothingness that is Ernesto Hernández Busto, it is very sad to see the inability of such persons to comprehend the real democratic political structures. Cuban Americans are hostile little rats entangled in their own indoctrinate maze. I am sure is it overwhelming to maintain a feeble mind in such idiocracy. It does not surprise me these supposed “intelligent” persons (i.e. Ernesto), make such asinine articulation. This is a sheer example of Ex-Cubans and Cuban Americans attempting to engrain the ideologies of this country over to the true Cubans in Cuba. Cuban exiles are more attuned to their own propaganda than reality.

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