Ugly U.S. Americans head to Haiti for some extremely personal shopping

The latest U.S. American fashion accessory


One of the most interesting things about the few news articles that have trickled out so far about the US Americans from Idaho who are currently under arrest in Port au Prince for trying to kidnap 33 Haitian children is that none of them mention the terrible irony in the occupation of the leader of the bunch, Laura Silsby.  Silsby, according to her own website, is the “founder and CEO of [Boise, Idaho based], a leader in the evolution of personalizing the e-commerce experience for women.”

In the United States of America where anyone who’s experienced a reasonable amount of success in running a business is therefore deemed qualified to meddle in anything at all that catches their fancy, from politics to setting up an orphanage/international adoption agency, this should shock no-one.  After all, doesn’t Madonna do her personal child shopping in Malawi?  And doesn’t everyone want to be like Madonna?

I’m not sure which is more offensive really, the latest story about the U.S. military refusing to airlift any more Haitians to the U.S. for medical treatment due to a political money squabble, or the fact that Silsby and crew clearly view Haitian children as something like a pet rescue operation – why bother asking anyone for permission?  They’re just Haitians after all.  And is there anything more adorable than a tiny suffering Haitian?

But it’s nice to see the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince rushing to assist the kidnappers, providing them with, in the words of the Associated Press, “bug spray and MREs to eat.”  Bug spray, as everyone knows, is extremely toxic when ingested, but it certainly does seem like an appropriate meal in this case.

5 responses to “Ugly U.S. Americans head to Haiti for some extremely personal shopping

  1. I’m not convinced it is any business acumen that makes these “saviors” feel qualified (at least in their own minds) but the privilege, entitlement, and the feeling that they are immune from any criticism or laws because they are doing “God’s work”. They believe they are “special” and this is reinforced by the dogma of their belief system.
    “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession……..( Peter 2:9-10)

    Pretty much the same pablum generated by the earliest colonial exploiters to justify Manifest Destiny……….a justification for power, murder, slavery….and of course…profit.

    The PR of today has expanded somewhat to include “freedom & democracy” for the same justifications for interference.

  2. Oh the arrogance!!!!!

  3. I heard on TV while ago, that there are some negotiations re: the disposition of the case. Apparently the State Dept is trying to get them released and returned to the States where they can be tried by the US court system.

    “American justice” is becoming, if it isn’t already, an oxymoron. A list of potential outcomes, ranked from lowest to highest probability are:

    Jail Time
    Community Service
    Dropped Charges
    Medal of Freedom

  4. If you search all the Haitian orphanages you’ll see most are run by extreme christian groups. For example; Children of the Promise, they really say it all about who YOU MUST BE if you want to adopt one of COTP children! Talk about making personal shopping a challenge…geez! On another topic:
    Navigating through the relief effort world is hard enough right now. Extreme religious beliefs can at times be challenging to deal with in an emergency. They have no problem blasting ( crap) about the very groups that are bringing in the lions share of the aid, like it or not! So if your orphanage is damaged and in need I would think common sense would dictate, show some respect and at least wait a few months before trashing the donors!

  5. If this is what Christianity in the American sense represents no wonder some over there prefer their Voudou religion. In fact Voudou head priest of Haiti Max Beauvoir was worried aid was being syphoned off by Christian radicals and given to those who were not Voodooists. Considering Voudou is the religion of some of the poorest over there, you can imagine how this would add to the massive suffering over there. The Christians seemed no better than the Ton Ton Macoutes in the long run.

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