Cuba quietly leading by example in Haiti

While the U.S. is figuring out where and how to insert more “compassionate warriors” per capita in Haiti than it has in Afghanistan, the better to go after Venezuelan oil when the opportunity presents itself, Cuban doctors are going about actually helping sick and injured Haitians.  This remarkable video report by CNN Radio’s Steve Kastenbaum shows how they’re doing it, while possibly endangering Kastenbaum’s career (see the Herb Matthews example).

4 responses to “Cuba quietly leading by example in Haiti

  1. Actions speak louder than words.

    Glad you caught this and posted it.

    I’ve actually heard US news Nazis (Fox) ask derisively “Where’s Cuba in all this?”

    I guess the answer is: doing more, with less, than the US.

    No wonder US citizens aren’t allowed to travel to Cuba. How can they be permitted to see that one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere is not only able to provide health care for its citizens, but can also provide real help elsewhere in the world.

  2. There you go where there is a will…there iis a way for ALLpeople not only the rich…mofos…

  3. Emm, I find your rosy painting of the, yes, dictatorship of Castro, to be a tad one-sided. Have you seen what some former Cuban doctors are doing in Miami?

    • But 50 years of widespread propaganda teaching you to view Cuba as a Castro dictatorship would not be a tad one-sided, would it? There are no Cuban doctors working in Miami that I am aware of, although surely the poor and miserable masses in that city could use some. What Ex-Cuban doctors in Miami are saying or suing over is of literally no interest to me. You can sue Cuba for any kind of nonsense whatsoever there and win, as the Cuban Five could tell you very well. There’s no money to be had though nowadays – other opportunists have already sucked Cuba’s frozen assets dry.

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