Sharp wits in Spanish Congress set for debate on mercenary blogger, Yoani Sánchez

Tejero Molina addresses the Spanish Congress, 1981

Tejero Molina addresses the Spanish Congress, 1981

The U.S. Government and the World’s Great Media Empires Are Using “Mercenary Bloggers” in Their Offensive Against CubaEspañol

By J.P. for La República

Translation: Machetera

The world’s great media empires have undertaken a merciless offensive against the Cuban revolution, offering spectacular coverage to any kind of mercenary blogger movement such as that of Yoani Sánchez or her husband, who receive a spectacular amount of money for the articles they write against the Cuban government and against a supposed censorship that appears rather insignificant in the light of the wide coverage they obtain worldwide.

Last week it was Yoani who issued a denunciation for having been attacked by Cuban agents, but not only was she unable to show any kind of proof of the attack, the doctors who attended her, who were interviewed by La República, did not find any evidence of any kind of aggression.  Later, it would be her husband, Reinaldo Escobar, who would denounce being hit and attacked by a crowd who reacted to his attempted provocation, with shouts in favor of the Cuban revolution.  However, Escobar did not suffer even a scratch from this supposedly “uncontrolled mob.”

These events also coincide with the President of the United States, Barack Obama, elevating Yoani Sánchez to the altars of imperialism by answering a series of questions that she posed and congratulating her for her anti-Castro blog.  It just so happens that Obama didn’t waste a moment in answering the questions of the mercenary blogger but still has not answered a series of questions that he was sent months ago by Fidel Castro himself.  Questions such as “Is it correct that the President of the United States should order the assassination of any person worldwide, no matter what the pretext?” “Is it ethical that the President of the United States should order the torture of other human beings?”  “Is state terrorism an instrument that ought to be used by a country as powerful as the United States so that peace might exist on the planet?” Or, “Is an Adjustment Law that only applies as a punishment against one single country, Cuba, in order to destabilize it, good and honorable, even though it takes the lives of innocent children and mothers?  If it’s a good thing, why is the right to automatic residency not granted to the Haitians, Dominicans and those from the rest of the Caribbean countries, as well as the Mexicans, Central and South Americans who die like flies along the wall at the Mexican border or in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific,” among others.

However, governmental support for the salaried bloggers doesn’t come only from the United States.  Apparently, in Spain, next week the Congress of Deputies will debate its support for Yoani Sánchez, the “defender of freedom,” and opposition to the supposed persecution “that the Cuban regime maintains against Yoani Sánchez and other democrats in the Caribbean country.”

It’s curious that there should be a debate over the support of someone who claims to be censored and yet enjoys ubiquitous international media coverage, of someone who says she’s been attacked but cannot provide any proof of the attacks, and who claims to be a defender of freedom and democracy in Cuba but doesn’t hesitate to ally herself with the United States, a country that for the past 50 years has attacked her country, militarily and economically.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

10 responses to “Sharp wits in Spanish Congress set for debate on mercenary blogger, Yoani Sánchez

  1. My same sentiments I agree she and her husband are parasites for the United States government

  2. This is truly wonderful stuff! We could not ask for better publicity than what you are providing. Great reporting! Continue drawing the world’s attention to this “mercenary blogger” so everyone will see what is going on. Excellent job! I commend you. Bravo!

  3. Chicamacha,

    Nintendo?? Are you serious? Please, that went out in the ‘90s. What’s the last movie you watched on your Beta Max? Try to keep up. But it fits with your tired, outdated thinking and your admiration for decrepit old dictators. Your reporting on the blocked Cuban bloggers, however, is exceptional. We’re looking forward to much more!

    • Really? I know a 9 year old that is fixated on Nintendo. Maybe I can introduce the two of you. Thanks anyway for the laugh.

  4. Hey, Hank–who’s “we”? The least you could do is introduce your invisible friends…

  5. You’re welcome, Machetera! I’m so glad you are able to laugh at yourself – that shows real character.

    Let’s get beyond this childishness. I invite you to a debate, in a free and open forum, here in the blogosphere. Let’s hash it all out. Say what you want, and we will hear you and comment – bring your friends too, whomever you please. What do you say, Machetera? Yes, or No? Let’s have a dialog.

    Here’s the link, go to the English language comments section, hope to see you there soon! Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Smells like a set up.. Good try Hank, but Yoani is still a scammer.. Whois Record

    Owner Contact:
    Yoani Sanchez

    Sta.Ma- Soledad Torres Acosta 2
    Madrid, 28004, ES

    Punycode Name:
    Unicode Name:

    Admin Contact
    Yoani Sanchez

    Sta.Ma- Soledad Torres Acosta 2
    Madrid, 28004, ES
    phone: +34 918298497

    Technical Contact
    Hostmaster Strato Rechenzentrum
    Cronon AG Professional IT-Services

    Emmy-Noether-Str. 10
    Karlsruhe, D-76131, DE
    phone: +49 72166320305

    Zone Contact
    Hostmaster Strato Rechenzentrum
    Cronon AG Professional IT-Services

    Emmy-Noether-Str. 10
    Karlsruhe, D-76131, DE
    phone: +49 72166320305

    Record expires on: 2010-01-25 11:25:07

    Domain servers in listed order: Whois Record

  7. LOL! Yoanni sounds just like Hank, it’s all about “us” and “we”. Is Hank a sock-puppet?

  8. Maxim,

    Sock-puppet? Honestly, I could not stop laughing when I read your post. Is that the best you can do? Call me a sock-puppet? At least Machetera called me a Troll. That makes a little more sense and has somewhat of a bite to it. I am having a hard time breathing – really – I am literally doubled over with laughter. What decade do you live in? No, better yet, what century do you live in? Sock puppet!?, you can’t be serious. Please tell me you are not serious. The next time I want to really make a fool of myself, I’ll pull that one out of my sleeve. Thanks, Maxim. You made my day! This is golden.

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