Reinaldo Escobar’s insatiable hunger for attention

When Reinaldo Escobar made the announcement that he’d challenge Cuban state security to a weaponless duel to avenge the indignities he and his wife claimed (without the slightest proof) had been visited upon her, the announcement was dutifully broadcast by the foreign media in Havana.  It seemed to me to be a rather pitiful display and I imagined Reinaldo waiting alone at a street corner, attended by no-one else but the foreign reporters he had summoned.  But there were two things I failed to take into account: 1) Reinaldo’s not that smart, and 2) had I been in Havana I would have known that there was something off about his selection of time and location, since apparently the airwaves were full of announcements about the book fair being sponsored by the Young Communists Union for that same time, same location.  Of course this was not mentioned in a single one of the reports announcing the “duel.”

Hmm.  What would have happened if Machetera had shown up dressed in a Che t-shirt and holding a sign that said Viva Fidel outside Lázaro González’s home in Miami while Elian González was being held hostage?  Would we have had Mary Murray reporting to NBC that it was surprising that the police didn’t do a better job of controlling the crowd?  Hmmm…..

The most hilarious thing in the whole pathetic episode is watching Escobar be hustled away by the same security men he’d challenged to the duel in the first place.  See the video below, at about the 19 second mark.

The Cuban People are Tired of Yoani SánchezEspañol

By Guillermo Nova for La República – Havana

Translation by Machetera

On Friday, November 20, Reinaldo Escobar, the husband of Yoani Sánchez, tried to disrupt an event at the closing of the University Fair for Books and Reading (FULL) at the intersection of 23rd Street and Presidents Avenue, in Havana, but it turned out badly.

When Havana’s youth came to enjoy reduced price books and performances by various musical groups, the husband of the Cuban blogger planted himself before the foreign press in attendance and said that he was there to carry out a duel in response to the supposed aggression visited upon his wife the prior week.

The Cubans were fed up with the provocation and with the conga rhythm going, the young people participating in the event began to shout spontaneously, “This street is revolutionary” and “down with gusano [worm] crap,” or “Raul will hit those yankees hard!”

The curious thing is that the security agents who Yoani Sánchez has so often denounced for hounding her and acting aggressively towards her, were those who had to hustle her husband away so that he would not have to suffer the wrath of a crowd that has grown tired of so many provocations.

The supposed aggression that Sánchez denounced was completely discounted in declarations made exclusively to La Repúblca by the same doctors who attended her and could not find any bruising whatsoever.  Moreover, Sánchez was in agreement with the medical examination performed.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

4 responses to “Reinaldo Escobar’s insatiable hunger for attention

  1. Reinaldo Escobar and Yoani Snachez are frauds

  2. Wow, Machetera! What excitement. What irony. Looks like Reinaldo was lucky to have the Cuban State Security folks there to protect him. I wonder if Reinaldo ever thought of a career in Spain (plenty of right wingers there) working at the bullfights, not as the matador but the red flag.

    Fidel! Fidel!

  3. Quanta palhaçada…

    O regime de excessão cubano teve que apelar para este tipo de ação grotesca.

    Nós brasileiros estamos surpresos ao ver este tipo de terrorismo contra cidadãos do próprio país.

  4. what exactly do reinaldo and yoani advocate for, besides self-promotion? i appreciate your effort to unmask these charlatans.

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