Micheletti’s newest U.S./Israeli toy

artefacto_sonoroPhoto Confirms the Use of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) by Micheletti’s Troops, Against Zelaya

By Jean-Guy Allard

Translation: Machetera

Shock troops for the Micheletti regime in Honduras have used Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs), which can cause permanent hearing damage and other trauma, against the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa where President Manuel Zelaya is.

This is confirmed by a picture taken by a photographer from the resistance, during the events which took place in the embassy’s surroundings this week.  The photo reveals the presence of an LRAD, manufactured in the United States, which is capable of emitting an acoustic beam – an obnoxious sound similar to that of a car alarm but quite a bit more intense – which can cause serious damage to the hearing of the people toward which it is pointed.

At 100 meters, according to experts, reception of the LRAD beam can be extremely painful.  At full capacity, the LRAD emits a 150 decibel sound wave.  In comparison, the Concorde supersonic jet, emitted 110 decibel sound waves when traveling at full speed.

LRAD weapons have been frequently used against native populations by U.S. occupation troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to a denunciation issued by President Zelaya, these weapons are designed to cause a state of nervousness and anxiety and were delivered to the Honduran Army by Israelis.

On Thursday, while stating that there are around a hundred supporters at the embassy with him, he added that they have been subjected to “bombardments with chemical products and ultrasound waves that provoke illness and make people very nervous.”

U.S. experts say that any sound volume greater than 90 decibels cause permanent damage.  The LRAD even provokes temporary vision loss, according to researchers.

More worrying still, the photo reveals a technician to the side of the LRAD operators, wearing a police helmet and a mask, directing an undefined apparatus toward the embassy.

This Friday, upon revealing that the Security Council had met to “deal with the situation at the Brazilian embassy” Argentina’s foreign minister, Jorge Taina, confirmed that the Brazilian embassy and others “such as our own, are suffering ultrasound attacks and other disturbances.”

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

10 responses to “Micheletti’s newest U.S./Israeli toy

  1. These are called “less lethal weapons” and are intended for riot control. The US is using them too, in Chicago.

    • Welcome back, Aaron. What kind of riot do you think is going on within the Brazilian embassy that justifies the use of such a weapon?

  2. Readers should keep in mind that when comparing decibel levels that decibels are a LOGARITHMIC scale, not an arithmetic one.

    Therefore, this weapon producing a sound of 150 decibels is NOT approximately 30% louder than a Concorde jet. It is more than 8192 TIMES as loud!!

    This relationship can be understood by referring to the “Merits” sub-section of the attached wiki on decibels.


    As that section describes, an increase of just 3 decibels denotes a DOUBLING of intensity and power of the signal.

    In other words a difference of just 6 decibels equals a signal 4 times as powerful, a difference of 9 decibels equals a signal 8 times as strong, a difference of 12 decibels equals a signal 16 times as strong, a difference of 15 decibels equals a signal 32 times as strong, a difference of 18 decibels equals a signal 64 times as strong, a difference of 21 decibels equals a signal 128 times as strong, a difference of 24 decibels equals a signal 256 times as strong, a difference of 27 decibels equals a signal 512 times as strong, a difference of 30 decibels equals a signal 1024 times as strong, a difference of 33 decibels equals a signal 2048 times as strong, a difference of 36 decibels equals a signal 4096 times as strong, and a difference of 39 decibels equals a signal 8192 times as strong!

    Because the difference here between a Concorde jet and these weapons is approximately 39 decibels (110 vs. 140), these weapons produce a sound and an intensity 8192 times more powerful than a Concorde jet!

    Those familiar with physics know that this logartithmic relationship is closely related to the inverse square law.


  3. Some keen eyed person looked at the photo of the “technician to the side of the LRAD operators, wearing a police helmet and a mask, directing an undefined apparatus toward the embassy” above and noticed those white hands.

    Quite probably Israeli hands.

    I haven’t been able to find a photo of the Israeli version, but its called ‘The Scream’:

    More info here:

    Mel claimed he was being tortured:

    and he’s right:

    Article 1 of the UN Convention Against Torture states:

    For the purposes of this Convention, torture means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.

    Yet another crime for Pinocheletti to hang for.

  4. One is being used in Philadelphia at the G-20 summit, according to a Financial Times article that praises the weapon’s many merits.

  5. revolting peasant

    I saw similar truck mounted LRAD equipment present at the Calgary Kananaskis G8. That was back in July 2K2.

    I wish to make a comment about the Thedailysketch comment:

    ”Some keen eyed person looked at the photo of the “technician to the side of the lrad operators, wearing a police helmet and a mask, directing an undefined apparatus toward the embassy” above and noticed those white hands.
    quite probably israeli hands.”

    Those white hands in my opinion could just as likely be American, Canadian or other. As usual there are a lot of vultures at a slaughter.

    If we qualify people into groups by definitions akin to Israeli, we find many hundreds if not thousands of such groups. What’s important to notice is that each of those groups, all of them, have a few identical subgroups.
    There are the unaware and apathetic, a secondary consequence.
    But the two other subgroups are the important ones: the egalitarian socialists who want everybody to do well, to share in the good of the world; and the fascist capitalist greedsters who benefit themselves regardless of consequence to others.
    Of course there are crossover mongrels with varying degrees of both inclinations, but this is enough to make my point.

    The issue isn’t whether these are Israeli hands or not; what matters is the societal intentions of those hands.


  6. Waldemar. You are right, I’m sorry, I should have used the word ‘possible’ not ‘probable’. It is indeed quite possible that the hands are of a North American as according to Al Giordano: “Narco News and its team of technical engineers and counter-surveillance consultants has identified the apparatus as the LRAD-X Remote Long Range Acoustic Device, manufactured by the American Technologies Corporation.”

    Getting back to the Israeli connection and Yehuda Leitner, he is indeed the registrant of the domain Alfacom.hn, http://www.alfacom.hn/, which also lists his e-mail address, yehuda_leitner@alfacom.hn , and company address:
    El Prado, calle Golan, 3 Ave. casa #2231, Tegucigalpa,

    Note the street name, wonder if Leitner chose the location because of its name?

    At the same IP address we find another website hosted there: http://www.interseg.hn/


    The registrant is one Hilton Trochez whose organization is, wait for it: Alfacom S.A.

    The address listed for Alfacom is Edificio ALFACOM, Colonia El Prado, Calle principal, Tegucigalpa.

    Their website lists their services as: “Seguridad Electronica” (electronic security), among others.

    One Karen Ham is listed as Purchasing Manager for both companies.

    Its entirely within the realms of possibility that Lietner’s firms supplied the cell phone jammer reported by Al Giordano as having been installed inside the Brazilian Embassy.

    This guy Leitner is one nasty piece of work.
    “Like its U.S. and British security firm counterparts, Israel’s International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS) is a wide-ranging, operation with full “counterterrorism” capabilities. ISDS, based in Tel Aviv, is co-owned by Leo Gleser, a former colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) who participated in the 1976 raid on Entebbe. ISDS has been very active in Central America, protecting business and government leaders as well as providing “counterterrorism” training to military, an~, paramilltary per~nnel in Honduras and Guatemala.

    In an April 30, 1985 letter of presentation to the Guatemalan military, Sammy Sapyr, then director of ISDS’s Guatemalan branch, described the company’s services in great detail. These included antiterrorism training and the formation of antiterrorism “squads,” electronic surveillance, intelligence gathering, and the sale of arms, including helicopters and airplanes. Jon Lee Anderson points out that the document also offers a course in “selective terror” under the general rubric “the training of military personnel.”62 It should be noted, however, that in light of the role and performance of the Guatemalan army, all of ISDS’s services under the name of “coun¬terterrorism” facilitate serious state terrorism.

    According to Gerard Latchinian, a multimillionaire currentlserving a thirty-year prison term in Indiana for his role in the 1984 attempted overthrow of Honduras’s civilian government, ISDS em¬ployees were active in training the Honduran death squads, as well as members of the Nicaraguan contras, in techniques of terror. In fact, ISDS’s Gleser hired two ex-IDF members, Yehuda Leitner and Emile Sa’ada, to help train members of Gustavo Alvarez Martinez’s notorious Battalion 3-16, the general’s private death squad. Jose Valle Lapez, a former member of the battalion, has admitted to participating in a rash of kidnappings, torture sessions, and brutal murders, some of which took place in the presence of “Mr. Mike” from the V.S. embassy, who oversaw several torture operations.63

    When Alvarez Martinez was eventually ousted from Honduras, his successor, General Walter Lapez Reyes, immediately severed all ties with ISDS. L6pez Reyes told John Lee Anderson that ISDS trained Alvarez Martinez’s “special secunty groups” in hostage-taking and hijacking techniques, and that this was, in part, a front for training the contras, who also took the course. “There was coordi¬nation between them and the CIA,” L6pez Reyes told Anderson. “So, I didn’t renew their contract. . . . The Israelis had something to do with Alvarez’s death squads. One way or another.”64 Despite the severed contract, however, it appears that the “official” death squad organized by Alvarez Martinez lives on.65

    In 1986, Yehuda Leitner, who had worked with Gleser and ISDS, fled Honduras after his connections with the contras were exposed by Anne- Marie O’Connor in a Reuters dispatch. ”

    In Spanish here:

  7. revolting peasant

    Hi TheDailySketch

    Thanks for all the research, some good stuff there.

    BTW, have you seen Yves Engler`s
    The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy? It`s the best $26 dollars I have spent in a while, and I`m not easily impressed.
    Names names, places etc.
    Just do a web search, or you can get Yves at
    yvesengler (at) hotmail (dot) com



  8. The rightwing brazilian ESTADO DE SAO PAOLO writes (Oct.1) about the remarks of Honduran Radio GLOBO’s David Romero about the activity of two Israeli agents with the Honduran troops…

  9. …in case you missed this one: On Sept.26. titelpage of rightwing ESTADO DE SAO PAOLO: “Honduras leva bate boca entre Brasil e EUA” – the Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim asked U.S. UN Representative Susan Rice to introduce a Security Council Resolution : The Security Council calls upon the de facto government in Honduras to cease harassing the Brazilian Embassy. Susan Rice’s biography contains many examples of her “rude” style – and she seemed not inclined to present the Brazilian request in the Security Council. “bate boca” means quarrel ensued. But in the end Susan Rice had no alternative but to follow the Brazilians’ request…

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