Thought crime gestapo on the march in Mexico, Colombia and Honduras

See the man in the center of this picture?


Note his weapon.  Yes, a purse.  His name is Miguel Angel Beltran Villegas.  He’s a Colombian sociologist and historian.  Just a little over three months ago, Felipe Calderon, acting on orders from his sith lord Alvaro Uribe, sent his immigration goons to UNAM where Beltran was a visiting scholar, to grab him and deport him to Colombia where he was thrown in a maximum security prison with truly violent offenders.  (Just like the U.S. has done with the Cuban Five.)

Then, Uribe’s judges lied about it, claiming Beltran was apprehended in Colombia, not Mexico.  What idiots.  Do we have photos?  Why yes, we do.  Here are the photos of this dangerous sociologist/historian being carted away by Mexican police.



But let’s not get caught up in semantics.  Beltran’s terrible crime? He’s written publicly that the FARC are history’s response to state terrorism in Colombia.  For the tiny, paranoid drug-dealing president of Colombia, it’s a unforgivable statement.  But perhaps also an un-prosecutable one.  Enter the magic laptops – those wondrous bombproof Toshibas supposedly ferried from the FARC camp in Ecuador which was blown to smithereens in the spring of 2008 by Colombia, with logistical support from the United States.  So Uribe’s magic laptops speak, and having spoken, move on.  Who will be their next victim?

Go here, now, to read Beltran’s letter from prison, and sign onto the international campaign in twelve languages, demanding his release.

Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Arabic and other languages accessible here.

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