Carlos Alberto Montaner would like some attention please

ct…for his role in the Honduran coup d’etat.  It wasn’t all Otto Reich, he wants you to know!

Naturally, like Reich, he goes about telling you this in sort of a backwards kind of way.  In his column that ought to be found at El Nuevo Herald, but isn’t (hmm, maybe there actually is an MI5 report floating around out there, d’ya think?…), Montaner the scribbling bomber complains that Havana is after him once again, trying to “assassinate his voice” (from your lips to God’s ears, Carlos) by circulating the completely false rumor that there is a secret report prepared by a country very close to the United States explaining how he and Reich collaborated with the putschists in Tegucigalpa.  Not true!  Not true in the least!  He’s never even met Micheletti!  Billy Joya either! (A pity Pedro Magdiel Muñoz can’t say the same.)

“Why do they lie?” says Montaner.

“Very simple: propaganda, disinformation, the “specialties” of totalitarian governments.  In English, there’s a very graphic expression for a certain kind of extreme defamation: character assassination.  It consists of the methodical destruction of the image of a person until they’re turned into a repugnant figure with whom nobody wants to be associated.”

Are your ears burning yet, Otto?  Otto Reich and Associates?  Yeah, you.  Pendejos.

5 responses to “Carlos Alberto Montaner would like some attention please

  1. I think, in the name of fairness to Montaner and Reich, we need to include Lanny Davis, too. He’s the one who ghost-wrote that lugubrious piece of trash for Pinochetti in the WSJ.

  2. carlos alberto is a friend of my parents, and every time that i tell my mom about a new canallada committed by this POS, she says: “no that can’t be true, he is a liberal!” lol.

  3. I neede to contact Carlos Alberto. We are preparing a parade to support Yoany Sanchez and her work. I need Carlos Alberto’s advice, please I don’t know his email. I am trying to do the same in Europe, Thank you.

    Best regards Mercedes Perdigon. Teacher and Former English Teacher in Havana University.

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