Billy Joya cranks up the killing machine in Honduras

Monday, July 27, 2009

Infiltrations, Murders and Attacks on the Honduran People

“Billy Joya is running state security now.” — Carlos H. Reyes

By Dick Emanuelsson, for

Translation: Machetera

A bomb exploded today at one of Honduras’s most combative unions, at the same time that three agents from the DNIC (National Office of Criminal Investigation) were captured by those attending the burial of the young brickmason Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador.

Muñoz was killed sometime between Friday and Saturday in the most beastly manner, when he was in the town of Alauca, near the border with Nicaragua.  He had gone there to join with thousands of Hondurans who went to receive President Manuel Zelaya Rosales who was going to enter Honduras on Friday.  Pedro Magdiel was killed and President Zelaya returned to Nicaraguan territory when the army and the coup government refused to allow the First Lady to reunite with her husband.

Characteristic of “3-16 Batallion”

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz was horribly tortured and discarded in a deserted field at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday.  He had been stabbed 42 times.  Plenty of people witnessed his detention by the police.  According to the demonstrators and the National Front Against the Coup D’Etat, the cruel murder, that has all the characteristics of the 1980’s dirty war when the “3-16 Battalion” operated in Honduras, is meant to terrorize the masses of people participating in the struggle against the coup regime.  The struggle remains peaceful.

From the beginning of the burial of this young man who was declared a Hero of the National Struggle Against the Coup Regime, several suspicious characters were present, and the memorial service had barely begun when shouts of “ALERTA!” could be heard.  Two agents were caught by surprise in the street while a third (see photo) managed to escape and call the police.  The lives of the two agents were saved thanks to leaders from the National Front Against the Coup D’Etat, such as Rasel Tomé and Rafael Alegría.  Ironically, Alegría was taken prisoner on Saturday by the police has he tried to go to the border, but was freed during the night.

Police Truck Set on Fire

Before Alegría and Tomé brought the two agents to the police station barely 200 meters away, the agents were disarmed and their badges and documents were registered.  The police truck was set afire by indignant family members, neighbors, friends and companions who said “The can’t even leave us in peace for the burial, even though they are the ones who murdered him.  We should have set fire to the murderers inside the car.”  It was an expression of indignation that is a common feeling among the Honduran people right now.

Bomb in Union Hall

An hour before the burial a bomb exploded at the union hall in Stiby belonging to the Food and Beverage Union.  Two suspicious people had entered the hall where campesinos, indigenous Hondurans and others from the middle of the country often find shelter.  The bomb exploded at 1:05 pm., in other words, ten minutes after the National Front Against the Coup D’Etat had finished a large assembly, and was on its way to the cemetery at Durazno on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, in order to participate in the burial.

The union president, Carlos H. Reyes, a legendary and combative union leader, had no doubts about who was responsible for the attack.

“Mr. Billy Joya, one of those responsible for the disappearances in the 1980’s by the 3-16 Batallion, is the person who is the head of state security today.  Today he announced on the Sunday news program, 30-30, that there were going to be bombs.  And when they say there’ll be bombs, historically they themselves are the ones who place them.  This is exactly what has happened here today,” said Carlos Reyes when we found him in the union hall.  The bomb was placed next to the men’s bathroom and blew a 20 centimeter hole in the cement floor.

Infiltrator Agents Working Against the First Lady

Last week Reyes also participated in a caravan traveling toward the border with Nicaragua together with the nation’s First Lady, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya.  Guillermo Amador, a member of the Discipline Committee for the Front Against the Coup D’Etat, talked about how various police and army agents were captured in the town called Arenales.

“We detained a DNIC agent who was going around filming everything that was happening near the First Lady and her family.  The other was a retired military following the orders of the Army’s 110th brigade.  We took their documents, their i.d. card and their police license plate, which we’ll present at a press conference,” said Amador who left the documents with us so that we could photograph them.

New Strikes Against the Putschists

Juan Barahona, the president of the United Federation of Honduran Workers (FUTH) emphasized that the intensification of the dirty war against the popular movement is not going to be able to achieve its objective of frightening and intimidating the people.

“In that very assembly of the Front, the decision was taken to continue the struggle against the coup d’etat.  If they think they’re going to scare people, they’re washed up, they won’t do it.  The people are continuing every day in the street, struggling against the putschists.

It’s a very difficult situation that the Honduran people are going through, the terror, the fear, the repression, the death.  As the days pass, the people grow more indignant and the increased repression may cause more deaths and bloodshed.  But we’re never going to give up on this struggle against the putschists headed by Mr. Roberto Micheletti.

The fifth week of this struggle against them began today, Sunday.  And tomorrow, Monday, is the beginning of the week of the general strike by the teachers,” he said.

“The teachers have called for strikes and the Resistance is going to take the highways, we’re going to demonstrate and once again we’re preparing a general workers strike in the state sector.  The struggle continues, the struggle will intensify until we achieve the restitution of President Manuel Zelaya to power.”

Paraíso a Huge Prison

The demonstrators or people who are trying to bring provisions, water and clothing to the people on the Tegucigalpa-Arenales-Danli-Paraíso-Alauca route are practically like prisoners in an “enormous camp,” said Juan Almendares the director of CPTRT, a human rights organization in Honduras.  The army and the national police are not allowing free movement and even less so if it is to bring supplies to the people who are gathered in the department of Paraíso.

Thousands of Hondurans Have Crossed the Border

The writer and journalist Toni Solo, who lives in the north of Nicaragua, managed to call us, saying that between 4000 and 5000 Hondurans are to be found between Ocotal and las Manos.

“Gunfire can be heard from Honduran territory, helicopters are constantly flying overhead with bright lights, the situation on the border zone is very dramatic,” said Toni.  She said that there are many Nicaraguan graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana (ELAM) who are taking care of sick Hondurans in Nicaraguan territory.  Other Honduran doctors who are ELAM graduates arrived at the border and the police allowed them to cross, but the medicine they brought with them was seized by the Honduran military or police.

Police Shoot at Sports Fans; Three Deaths at Soccer Game

Tonight a football game was played between Olimpia and Motagua, two Honduran soccer rivals.  When the fans left the national stadium named after Tiburcio Carias Andino (the president who turned Honduras into a banana republic), the shooting began, according to Radio Globo.  Two people were killed and at least 20 wounded.  Spokespersons for the fans say that they remained calm and rejected the official versions that said that they were the ones who started the shooting.


The brickmason Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador.


Pedro’s burial.


Identification badges seized from DNIC agents attending Pedro’s burial.


The DNIC agent who managed to escape with his 9 mm gun, inset shows him concealing the weapon.


The truck in which the DNIC agents traveled – inset shows the truck’s license plate.


People attending Pedro’s burial surround the DNIC agents.


T-shirt belonging to one of the DNIC agents captured by those attending Pedro’s burial.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

2 responses to “Billy Joya cranks up the killing machine in Honduras

  1. Disappointed Honduran

    Billy Joya is a fucking pig. Nothing has embarrassed me more about this whole mess than the fact that fucking Joya is in charge of the guns. Irony died when Joya first spoke of peace.

  2. Thank you for covering this in english when no one else is. As an American, I have felt nothing but shame in this last month. My letters to the Whitehouse, State Department, and all my representatives have all gone unanswered. I live in a society of willful ignorance.

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