Refried cold-war rhetoric on the Colombian menu

The translating factory has been idled this week while Machetera was chasing a very interesting story related to Otto Reich and the Honduran coup d’etat – more on that later.  But this morning, as she was checking to see where Waldo Mel Zelaya might be and whether Romeo Vasquez Velasquez had managed to kill him, as promised, she ran across this piece from Aporrea, picked up from Venezuelan TV.

First of all, not that one should judge a person by his picture (Machetera certainly never would) but doesn’t this guy just sort of ooze “little prickness?”


He is Álvaro Uribe’s foreign minister.


A government of tiny…people.

His name is Jaime Bermúdez and according to Wikipedia, he and Alvaro became friends when they were both studying at Oxford.  Bermúdez is said to have a PhD in Public Opinion.  What a coincidence.  Just like Machetera.


Uggh, the shoes.

Okay, so anyway, back to the Aporrea story.  Apparently when Venezuela raised concerns about the U.S. takeover of Colombia, which is well on its way to becoming one huge U.S. military base, Bermúdez’s clever retort was that Colombia never said anything when Russian warships were conducting exercises in Venezuela’s Caribbean sea.

Hugo Chávez wondered what Colombia’s problem is with Russia.  “As far as I know, Colombia has excellent relations with Russia and it’s my understanding that Russia has never supported coups d’etat in Colombia, nor any kind of action against the Colombian government.  We however, have plenty of reasons to consider the government of the United States as a threat: of invasion, of assasination, of mercenaries called “contractors,” of drug trafficking, of intelligence and of counter-intelligence.”

Chávez suggested that Bogotá explain to Russia and China why it considers them threats, as its foreign minister is suggesting.  And he pointed out that Israel is also threatening Venezuela from Colombia, referring to the crash in Colombia this week of a Kfir fighter jet, piloted by two Israelis.

“Now you’ve got Israeli planes, with Israeli pilots, flying in Colombia,” he said.

“This has forced us to review the entire framework of relations (with Colombia).  Therefore, we’re suspending the meeting of the high level commission where we were going to review everything, because we consider this an unfriendly act.”

Chávez wished Zelaya godspeed, and hoped for the return of democracy to Honduras.  If you understand Spanish, you can watch the video here.

2 responses to “Refried cold-war rhetoric on the Colombian menu

  1. jaime looks like the american pundit douche bag tucker carlson. they must have been spawned from the same maw.

  2. This douche and Bowtie Boy were obviously separated at birth!

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