Get your Honduran coup sponsorship here

Even though it’s very short, Machetera doesn’t have time right this second to translate this whole article, but basically, today LibreRed published two interesting documents from Honduras.  One is a letter from Honduran thug in chief Roberto Micheletti, to General Romeo Vazquez Velazquez reminding him about the mission to take place on June 28.  He says that “Hondurans who want to change our constitution don’t deserve to be in this country.”  The letter is dated June 26.

But the more interesting letter (for Machetera anyway), is the one from the Tegucigalpa Chamber of Commerce, also dated June 26, asking its members to help support “a civic and p.r. strategy”.  The price: $1000 to $3000 USD depending on whether you wanted the gold, silver or bronze coup d’etat sponsorship.


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