Naked gun in Honduras

This report appears to have been culled by M.H. Lagarde, at Cambios En Cuba, from Aporrea and possibly other sources.  English translation by Machetera.

Honduran Putschists tell Telesur and VTV: “Get Out of Here, There’s Nothing Here to Report”

The employees of the de facto government in Honduras who arrested the journalists from Telesur and the Venezuelan state television network VTV on Saturday night told them not to go back to the hotel where they were staying, but to go directly to the airport since in Honduras “there’s nothing to report.”  They also argued, in a menacing tone, that these violations were the fault of Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chávez.

In a telephone call from the Tegucigalpa hotel where they were staying, a VTV employee, Eduardo Silvera, said that when he asked the agents where they were supposed to go and if they should return to their hotel, they said threateningly, “Go straight to the airport, there’s nothing to report here, there’s nothing to say here,” this is all due to President Chávez.  After repeating that they’d been detained without any kind of explanation, Silvera said that he went to his hotel and when he realized that various members of the Telesur team had been detained, he went down to the reception desk in the building and it was there that he was arrested.

He added that they were still in the hotel waiting for a visit from immigration authorities, who are supposedly coming to review the documentation of the foreign journalists.  “We remain here at the hotel, waiting for the immigration officials who are supposed to come to the hotel to review documentation,” he said.  From the Venezuelan embassy in Tegucigalpa, Telesur’s special representative to Honduras, Madeleine García, said that she was at the embassy trying to “resolve the situation.”

She described the police operation as “clear scare tactics against Telesur and VTV,” as a result of broadcasting what is taking place in Honduras, after the coup d’etat toppled the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, on June 28.

“It’s a pretty complicated situation, very difficult…we’re only doing our jobs,” she said.

She said that hours before her arrest, they’d received information that the hotel where they were staying was about to be raided, since the de facto authorities understood that there were “foreigners” there.  She denounced the fact that since they were prevented from leaving the hotel, and in her case, the Venezuela embassy, they’d “been unable to do any kind of reporting…we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

In a previous phone call, Silvera confirmed that they’d been freed after a rigorous review of their documents and under the clear threat from the coup controlled police that they should leave the country.  “Get out of here, you all need to leave, you don’t have anything to do in this country,” were some of the things that were said by the putschists to this group of foreign journalists.

In the first contact with García, she explained that a police commission, following orders from the de facto government, entered the hotel where the journalists were staying and detained them without any explanation whatsoever, in order to bring them later to a police station.  During their detention, the putschists reviewed all the journalists’ documentation, presumably to investigate the legality of their presence in the country.

Telesur is the only international network that has transmitted live, minute by minute events in the coup d’etat against the legitimate government of Zelaya.  The local, private communication media have gone along with the subversive actions and are broadcasting regular programming.

Machetera is a member of Tlaxcala, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation may be reprinted as long as the content remains unaltered, and the source, author, and translator are cited.

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