Reporters for the Truth deconstructs Hillary’s Busy Day

From – translation by Machetera

pflvJuly 8, 2009 – In a communique addressed to our editorial staff, the organization “Journalists for the Truth” denounced the intentions behind yesterday’s interview of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Globovision mafia representatives.

The note states:

“The interview between the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and representatives of the privately held Globovision TV news channel provides evidence that this station is a political partisan of the ultra-rightwing opposition to the government of President Hugo Chávez Frías, and the only one recognized by Barack Obama.

It is notable that the State Department is receiving spokesmen from a television channel that is undergoing administrative review and sanctions in our country, for its presumed violations of our laws and our Constitution.

The spokesmen for this service provider are trying through their visit, to legitimize their destabilization plan against democratic institutions in Venezuela, but it has been shown that their supposed defense of freedom of expression is a mask that hides their true interests; toppling the legitimate government, through the same plan followed on April, 2002, where U.S. support was decisive for the perpetrators of the coup.

An entire week of conflict in Honduras and bloodshed of innocent people had to pass before the U.S. Secretary of State would receive the constitutional president of that country, Manuel Zelaya.  Nevertheless, on this same day and without any substantial reason, she also received people who have been encouraging media terrorism in Venezuela, under the guise of a nondescript interview with a television channel with limited coverage and reach.

For Journalists for the Truth the message is clear: the administration of Barack Obama is fueling the beliggerent opposition of this station, in addition to attempting to send a warning to the legitimately constituted government of Venezuela: for them, this station is untouchable, even though it is violating the laws of our country.

But let’s be clear.  This visit, by these spokesmen of the opposition to the State Department, just like the one that took place when María Corina Machado and George Bush met at the White House, will only generate repudiation from a people who will not forgive those who come from other countries seeking support to topple a legally constituted government.”

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