Alpha 66 and Miami on the job in Tegucigalpa

From Cubadebate:

  • There’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton was the one who solicited the interview with Globovision.
  • There’s no doubt that all the questions were planned.
  • There’s no doubt that the time and the place of the meeting (immediately after her meeting with President Manuel Zelaya) were part of the message.
  • There’s no doubt that this interview is part of the campaign against Venezuela described by Angel Palacios in the following article:

The Campaign of Hatred Against Venezuela

By Angel Palacios/Honduras Resiste

Translation: Machetera

odiovzla01-300x200Along Morazán Boulevard, the “Zona Rosa” of the Honduran capital where you need to have money…and plenty of it, to live, the newspaper “El Heraldo” has plastered posters at the stoplights carrying the most important news according to the paper’s editorial line.  They say: “Chávez planned an aerial provocation.”

Nothing new.  The campaign to demonize Venezuela, President Chávez and the Bolivarian process has been a tonic for the usurper government and its allies since weeks before the coup d’etat.  On the radio and tv broadcasts controlled by the putschists, it’s normal to hear Chávez and Venezuela mentioned as associated with supposed actions of interference, invasion, attacks, conspiracies.

These periodicals, whose owners are a complicit and fundamental part of the coup d’etat contain more news about Venezuela than about the Honduran reality.  News, cartoons, opinion pieces that distort what’s happening in Venezuela, with headlines that are meant to sow fear among Hondurans.

odiovzla02In part of the population, including the popular sectors with little organization, this bombardment has been effective.  I’ve been surprised to enter a small shop and find alarmed people commenting on the need to protect themselves from the Venezuelans,  of the existence of Venezuelan troops that are coming in through places on the border, of the money that Chávez has sent to distribute weapons.  Days ago, the fear among some Hondurans was that upon Zelaya’s return, the youth of this country would be sent to Venezuela and Cuba to be indoctrinated in communism.  All a scheme of psychological warfare that the dictatorship is continually repeating through all its media.

The small and uniformed demonstrations that the de facto government has managed to put together for its self-satisfaction, repeat the message against Venezuela.

While today, Tuesday, July 7, a huge demonstration crossed the city in order to demand the return of the President and the repudiation of the coup, in front of the U.S. embassy, in another part of the city, a handful demonstrated against Zelaya and of course against Venezuela.

It’s the same discourse, the same campaign that we saw in Venezuela against Cuba in those days of the 2002 coup.

It’s been ten days of incessant attacks against Venezuela by all the coupmongering media.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Tegucigalpa is another one of the voices on the radio contributing to this campaign.  Just today over the radio, out came this pearl: “Chávez must get his hands off Honduras.  Enough!  We don’t want any more interference from Venezuela in Honduras.”  And the fiery archbishop never said even a word about the huge march throughout the capital today to back up President Zelaya.  Not a single word about the calls to reflection that the First Lady made from the streets.  The Archbishop is very clear in his role as Political Talking Head in favor of the de facto government.

On the other hand, the illegitimate foreign minister, Enrique Ortiz, declared yesterday that “it’s been discovered that if Manuel Zelaya had landed in Tegucigalpa last Sunday, he had planned to call Venezuelan troops so that they could invade Honduras.”

The campaign against everything that smells of Venezuela has intensified on the part of the illegitimate government.  Why against Venezuela?  Who is advising the putschists?  Who has determined that attacking Chávez and Venezuelan democracy is so important to their objectives?

In their 7th Communique, Monday, July 6, the Resistance Front to the Coup D’Etat indicated that while President Barack Obama was condemning the coup, there was a part of the government of the United States linked to the CIA and the arms industry, acting in Honduras.  When we explored the subject with the popular leader Carlos H. Reyes, he gave us names: The terrorist group Alpha 66, made up of ex-Cubans in Miami, had been detected in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.  In addition, we had been made aware through other sources of the presence of Venezuelans from the opposition, resident in Miami, who were in Tegucigalpa before the coup, coordinating and serving as financing liaison for the communication campaign of the coup perpetrators.  Another sign was that one of the meetings where plans, design, communication content and distribution of funds were discussed, was held at the Hotel Maya in Tegucigalpa the day after the coup d’etat.

Such an insistence on creating a terror matrix against everything to do with Chavez and Venezuela is not accidental.  The enemies of participative democracy and popular involvement are sheltered under the same roof: the defense of the interests of the forever privileged.

However, the mobilization of an organized people, in these ten days, has served to take the blindfold off many people.

odiovzla05-155x250In the marches and protests, Venezuela, ALBA, Telesur are some of the flags held up by the organized people, vindicating Latin American integration.

On Sunday when the airplane carrying President Zelaya circled the people crowded around the airport, without being able to land, the coup d’etat ceased to exist for a moment, the pain for the wounded and the teenager killed by the dictatorship was transformed into a single cry of hope where all the slogans mixed together, such as: “Viva Mel Zelaya,” “Viva Honduras,” “Gracias Chávez,” “Gracias Venezuela.”

While the de facto government continues to try to sow hatred against Venezuela, the love of one people for another grows in solidarity and makes the ideal of Latin American integration still more understandable.

2 responses to “Alpha 66 and Miami on the job in Tegucigalpa

  1. Hector Garcia

    Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  2. Comandante Gringo

    Deathsquad activity can’t be far behind, with this crew involved. But even more than that: this is exactly the same modus operandi being used to hysterically inflame the backwards sections of the working class in North America. And again: this can only happen because the Left hasn’t been organizing hardly anyone for decades. So it’s really our fault, in a way: we’ve allowed these fascists victory after victory, by default.

    Let’s get ORGANIZED.

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