Is there an echo in here?

winterpalaceWhy yes…or actually, Da!  There does seem to be an echo, and by golly, it’s coming in Russian now.  Wait while Machetera puts on her Russian translating headset…

It seems that some guy named Nikolai Pakhomov, writing for Politikom, the website for the curiously named Russian Center for Political Technology, has the EXACT same theory as Jorge Castañeda about what went down with Felipe Pérez Roque and Carlos Lage.  He even starts the same way, saying that because nobody really knows what’s going on in Cuba, you just have to guess!

CASTAÑEDA: Will Raúl be able to pull off a rapprochement with Washington quickly enough to placate the restiveness his opponents (Carlos Lage, Felipe Pérez Roque and Hugo Chávez) could exploit?

PAKHOMOV: “In this case, the generals [Raúl & the rest] may prove to be not an obstacle to democratization but facilitators of reform. The next test for [the Cuban] regime will most likely be the forthcoming rapprochement with the United States.”

Coincidence?  You be the judge.

Machetera’s Russia correspondent, Anton Dech, says he’s never heard of Politikom and never reads it. “The site is not very interesting and has no distinct position,” he says.  But apparently the Miami Herald doesn’t see it that way.  They actually went to the trouble of digging this piece up and translating it (although Machetera fixed it so you could actually read it).  Anyway, that would put Politikom in a category with a whole bunch of other irrelevant National Endowment for Democracy websites, wouldn’t it?

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