This is what the future looks like

What happened to November, December and January, you ask?

Well, although Machetera believes strongly in the maxim, never complain, never explain, she will at least say that her internet access over the past three months has been almost non-existent, thanks to the ex-Cubans in Miami who have spent all these years cutting off their noses to spite their faces, and blocking any undersea cable that might provide Cuba with a semi-normal level of bandwidth.  Although the blocked Cuban blogger doesn’t seem to mind hanging out in Havana hotels to upload her nastygrams, Machetera has far better uses for her time.

So, just a quick word to the ex-Cubans who made their fortunes in Miami’s telecom business (everyone knows who you are): Thanks!  By forcing Cuba to go through a slow, costly satellite feed, you’ve managed to ensure that bandwidth in Cuba is rationed first to those who really need it – real Cuban journalists, academics, and government officials – instead of being wasted on bloggers, or the intellectually challenged members of Machetera’s family who would undoubtedly use it for porn.  Second, you’ve laid the framework for the bandwidth monopoly to go to Venezuela, when it connects the undersea cable next year! No wonder you lost in 1959!

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