The FARC speaks about Uribe’s media show

If you go back and look at the Colombian army’s video, the most striking thing is how happy César seems, almost giddy, in fact, as though he’s laughing at the fact that the Colombians showed up with a fake Telesur crew – like, come on, this is going a bit too far. He even says at one point, “Can’t we do this [the interview] on the helicopter?” There are also reports that before boarding the helicopter, César put down his gun, something completely out of character, unless of course, you were leaving the FARC.

Countering the Lies Concerning the Escape of the 15 Prisoners of War

Translation: Machetera


1. The escape of the 15 prisoners of war last Wednesday, July 2, was a direct consequence of the despicable conduct of Cesar and Enrique, who betrayed their revolutionary commitment and the confidence that was given them.

2. Independent of the episode as it took place, inherent in any political and military confrontation which brings victories and setbacks, we shall maintain our policy of establishing humanitarian accords which achieve exchanges and furthermore, aim to protect the civil population from the effects of the conflict.

In its persistence on rescues as its only path, the government should assume all the consequences of its extremely dangerous and risky decision.

3. The struggle to free our fighters and others who are political prisoners will always be the first priority together with the revolutionary armed forces units, particularly in their direction. We carry all of them in our hearts and minds.

4. The path to achieve revolutionary transformations has never been easy at any time in history, in any part of the world; on the contrary, and therefore our commitment grows against any threat or difficulty.

5. The peace that Colombia requires should be a result of accords that benefit the majority; it’s not going to be the peace of tombs sustained by corruption, state terror, crime and betrayal. The causes for which the FARC-EP struggle continue; the present is one of struggle and the future is ours.

Secretariat of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP

Mountains of Colombia, July 5, 2008

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