Setting up Chávez

Here’s an interesting bit of news, from Aporrea, datelined July 2, 2008:

The United States Collaborated with Colombia in the Rescue of FARC Hostages

The U.S. Government collaborated with the Colombian Army operation that rescued 15 hostages today who were being held by the FARC.

The acknowledgment was made by Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council in Washington this Wednesday.

“We supported the operation. And we parceled out very specific support,” stated Johndroe, who refused however, to give further details about the type of collaboration.

“This rescue was being planned for a long time, and we worked with the Colombians for five years, ever since the hostages were taken, to free them,” he added.

Johndroe explained that the United States government knew about the operation “since the planning process,” and added that the U.S. Ambassador in Bogotá, William Brownfield, and the head of the Army’s Southern Command, Admiral James Stavridis, participated in that phase.

The spokesman for George W. Bush’s NSC also revealed that the president spoke with his Colombian counterpart, Álvaro Uribe, congratulating him for being “a strong leader.”

So. Five years. Let’s review.

  1. During these five years (particularly the last one), Hugo Chávez is invited and then disinvited to help mediate. Colombia bombs Ecuador just before Ingrid Betancourt & Co. are set to walk out of the jungle the first time, killing the FARC representative who was setting the whole thing up. What did Brownfield and Stavridis know about that part?
  2. The strike, which almost sends the entire region up in flames, leaves behind several magic laptops which say whatever the Pentagon wants them to say, but mainly damning things about Hugo Chávez and Rafael Correa. The laptops remain silent in regard to Colombia.
  3. European diplomats head to the jungle to give it another go. And just as it looks like Betancourt & Co. are set to walk out the second time, in come the Israeli trained Colombian commandos, who are thanked profusely by the hostage in chief under the western media klieg lights waiting at the airport. What did Brownfield and Stavridis know about the hostage negotiations? Will anyone ask?

2 responses to “Setting up Chávez

  1. Interesting article and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true. I can’t seem to find another source though.

  2. You are correct. I looked for an English language transcript of the press briefing before posting this translation because I dislike re-translating quotes that were originally in English. I could not find a press briefing page for the NSC, and the White House can be quite slow about posting press briefings, period. This is simply a straight translation of the Aporrea report which appears to have been culled from one or more Spanish language wire services.

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