Why do they call this man a socialist?

Another in the long list of questions you need not answer.

Spain’s President Zapatero has just said that Chávez (and by extension, Correa and Morales) doesn’t understand the EU’s Returns Directive.

“Maybe we need to explain exactly to the president of Venezuela what this directive (EU law) consists of,” Zapatero said. “There have been many interpretations of this directive… that have nothing to do with what it really is.”

Oh please, patron, explain…

3 responses to “Why do they call this man a socialist?

  1. Of course, how can you expect those backward colonies to understand anything done by the enlightened saviors of the world?

    What patronizing bull!

  2. if you are the one being “repatriated”, you know very well what the law means. maximo gomez once said (in the 19th century) that the only way to deal with the imperial spaniard, is to stick the machete in him. in the case of zapatero i say: “stick a fork in him; he’s done.”

  3. It’s funny that he said that he will provide an explanation instead of providing it straight away. Why? Err… let us guess.

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