Good Humor men arrested in Colombia!

A Machetera Exclusive!

Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see. Aside from the fact that the four men at the center of the photo who are dressed like ice cream salesmen are said by Colombia to be gun-runners for the FARC and one of them is said to be a Venezuelan(!). And aside from the fact that the two on the left look more Central than South American (although we’ve already established that all South Americans look alike). And it’s not the weird fact that the brothers on the right are wearing their matching baseball caps and alien sunglasses even though they’re in “custody” and all four may or may not be handcuffed together. No, it’s not any of that. Look again.

Do you give up?

What is that thing over the shoulder of the one in the middle (second from right)? His videocamera? His grandma’s ruby slippers? His overnight bag with the Venezuelan army insignia helpfully stamped on the side?

Since when do prisoners of the Colombian army get to tote their personal belongings at photo ops?

In a story filed by James Suggett at Venezuelanalysis, the Venezuelan Interior Minister said that the Venezuelan in this photo – whichever one that is – has “alleged that he was offered more than 100 million bolivars (US$46.5 million) to cross the Orinoco River in a small boat in military uniform, then…ammunition was planted in his boat and Colombian authorities arrived ‘immediately’ afterward to make the arrest.”

Was that new or old bolivars, Machetera wonders? Because then it would have been more like only $4.7 million to cross the river which is sort of a big difference and possibly not worth it. Maybe something similar happened to this group of Central American tourists in exchange for posing for this photo.

(Thank you Magbana!)

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