Puerto Rico’s turn

Nikolas Kozloff has two good articles in recent issues of Counterpunch and although Machetera is annoyed with Counterpunch at the moment for other reasons, she will recommend and even link to Kozloff’s articles – one which has to do with the secessionist maneuvers across not only Bolivia but Venezuela and Ecuador, and the other, which talks about Puerto Rico, race, and which way it might swing in tomorrow’s Democratic primary.

Kozloff says:

Puerto Ricans are used to feeling disenfranchised in the electoral process. Island residents are U.S. citizens but they cannot vote in the general presidential election. They have no voting representation in Washington, D.C. though the island sends a symbolic, nonvoting delegate to Congress. Because Puerto Rico is a semi-autonomous commonwealth and not a state, only Puerto Ricans living on the U.S. mainland may cast ballots for president in November.

This is a bit of an understatement. Puerto Ricans are used to feeling disenfranchised because Puerto Rico is a COUNTRY that has been disenfranchised by the U.S. in every way possible, not just electorally, for like, forever. The U.S. presidential candidates don’t even hide their disdain; as Kozloff points out they are masters of the vague and meaningless statement: Obama saying it all “comes down to…respect.” (well that certainly clears things up) and Clinton saying:

I believe all people are entitled to a representative form of government…and the people of Puerto Rico should have the right to determine by majority vote the status you choose from all the options…My only commitment is to work…to give you the right to make that decision.”

Hillary’s statement is actually a pretty eloquent summary of everything that’s wrong with the attitude of the United States toward Puerto Rico. What she’s talking about is a false choice; as Arundhati Roy once put it, something like choosing between regular Tide and the oxy-boosting version. Independence is the only option that matters for Puerto Rico, and probably reparations. Then again, she did say “all the options.”

Fortunately, just when you were wondering what’s next for Puerto Rico, along comes Ricardo Alarcón to keep things in perspective.

Puerto Rico’s Turn – An Insulting Spectacle

By Ricardo Alarcón

On June 1, primary elections will be held in Puerto Rico. For that reason, politicians and journalists will travel to the island to pay to it an attention they never paid before and to turn their visit into part of the spectacle of marketing of politics that in the United States is called “democracy.” In this case, however, the spectacle becomes insulting.

The Democratic candidates will compete there for the favor of voters who are not part of U.S. society and therefore have no vote in the U.S. general elections next November. In theory, Puerto Ricans can decide who the Democratic candidate will be but cannot vote for him, or her, or the Republican rival, or any other candidate to the presidency of the United States.

Once the farce is concluded, politicians and journalists will pack their bags and go away, not to deal again with Puerto Rico for the next four years. Once again, they’ll try to ignore the interests and aspirations of its noble and generous people.

This time, however, it won’t be so easy. The following week, on June 9, the United Nations’ Committee on Decolonization will again discuss Puerto Rico’s status, as it has done every year since 1972. Many voices have been raised there, and in other U.N. entities, to demand that the United States put an end to its colonial regime and return to the Puerto Rican people the right to decide their fate, a right that was wrested from them more than a century ago.

It was not necessary to travel to another country to hear that demand. It was repeated, one summer after another, for more than three decades, from the skyscraper on Manhattan’s First Avenue, in the heart of New York. But the major U.S. media and its politicians pretended not to notice.

This year, their disdain will be a bit more difficult. Before the Committee will speak representatives from the whole of Puerto Rican society, including representatives of all the parties and political movements on the island, along with the Socialist Internationale and the Conference of Political Parties of Latin America (COPPAL), which brings together the main parties in the continent, including several parties that now are governments.

They will raise a petition for the U.N. General Assembly to discuss in depth the case of Puerto Rico, as we unanimously agreed at the International Conference of Solidarity with Puerto Rican Independence, which we held in Panama in 2006 and reiterated this year in Mexico. In the name of all those who participated in those two events, Dr. Rodrigo Borja, former President of Ecuador, will address the Committee.

This Latin American demand echoes the one made in Havana in 2006 by the chiefs of state and government of the nonaligned countries.

Latin America is living through a new era, and Puerto Rico is not absent from it. Its turn, Puerto Rico’s turn, is very near. It is coming much faster than some people in the North, drunk with demagoguery and ignorance, think.

Ricardo Alarcón is Cuba’s Vice President and President of its National Assembly.

3 responses to “Puerto Rico’s turn

  1. Why the annoyance with counterpunch?

  2. I don’t know if it’s worth talking about.

    Let’s just say I don’t get their editorial policy. Do they have one? They publish some very good stuff and then they publish rubbish, and I don’t get the logic, if there even is any. Because they’re so widely read, I’d like to see some stuff from Tlaxcala distributed there (and it’s not all about me…there are other members of the collective translating into English too). It would be a good thing in general for U.S. alternative media to work a little harder to address the imbalance between articles that are written by native English speakers and those that aren’t.

    Also their website leaves a lot to be desired. If Rebelión can manage to put together a well-organized site, why can’t they?

    There are other things, but I’ll leave it there.


    Puerto Ricans, whether they are called Independents (independentistas), Patriots or Nationalists or Freemen, who desire to be free, must always know that the federal government, here in the States has no “subject matter jurisdiction” over the person, case or location and should be challenged to proof it. These are magic words to learn when in Court for desiring freedom for your/our Country.

    You won’t be told this in court but: All jury members, judges, attorneys, and employees working in federal court, must reside in federal territory to legally be a federal juror or touch your case or they can be commercially sued, disbarred and financially ruined for violating your constitutional rights etc.

    Your god given right to be free is not wanted by the USA, it will oppose your desire for independence and freedom, because the Federal USA is a profit based Corporation.

    The Federal Government is a District of Columbia “Corporation”, as are all the States of the USA. These Corporations were formed for the benefit of the real owners. Since June of 1933, everything since then, is under Contract law or commercial law, aka Admiralty law, to benefit your masters in power.

    The Federal Government owns Puerto Rico as an ASSET, because it is a slave colony—whether you like the idea or not. But the Federal Government takes orders from those who own and run this (Corporation) Country, but are not of this country. The International Bankers, who really own the corporations called the USA, will let PR be free, only if enough real men of Boricua blood wish to be free, by reserving their rights under the Constitution. Their books will be adjusted and we will be free.

    The answer to your freedom lies in your Constitutional rights — To win –You must always reserve your constitutional, commercial rights and know what they are and how to do so.

    The USA has been the biggest alien invaders the world has ever known. In order to win your freedom, you must oppose them by knowing that their weakness lies in their violations and in their treasons to the Constitution and to the common law and common law remedies.

    The majority of Americans have no idea that the USA has killed more Latinos, than Hitler Killed Jews, The USA has supported Traitors, Dictators, Gringitos, Butchers, Sociopaths, and Megalomaniacs who were supported and kept in power by these monsters, sucking up to the Anglo Alien Invaders.

    Latin America has had enough of this form of genocide of Latinos. That includes other African, Asian etc. countries that lost millions of innocent people from USA aggression.

    I want to vomit every time some ignorant fools says: “If you don’t like it here –go home”.

    If the Alien Invaders would get out of each and every Latin Country and stop interfering in our affairs—it would make sense to say such a stupid thing. But unless the (Feds) Snakes get out of Latin America-we have just as much right to be here!!! So, grin and put up with it—this was once our land.

    A Puerto Rican without a desire for independence and/or freedom from alien control has no heart and soul of a man.

    The fact that the public does not know that we are NOT free, makes no difference, to the desire to be free. The PR that wants Statehood is a Gringito, who has no soul of a man left in his traitor’s heart. Freedom is happening all over the world and yet we allow Gringitos to kill our right to be free.

    A Gringito is a non-Anglo THING, IT is not really a “person”, just like a mass murderer is more like an animal than a person, who internally is so inferior, that he desires to be what he can not be—thus Gringito means little gringo.

    The Gringito is like an Uncle Tom to blacks or a collaborator and traitor to many others. To us he/she is all three and much worst. “It” is the enemy of freedom all thru out HUMAN history.

    We allow the Alien Invaders to kill, harm, abuse, rape, and scam us and yet the Gringito wants to give our Country away.

    This abuse must end. No man or woman is a real Man or real woman who is too scared to fight for their souls and be free. If you listen to the Gringito, you will lose your soul.

    Thru out eternity Humanity owes its freedom from slavery, ONLY to brave souls who fought for your right to be free.

    The fight will NOT succeed if you don’t fight the Gringito enemy/traitor/collaborator at home first. He is there next door and claims he is a real man and tries to give you many excuses of why PR can’t be a free Country.

    To give away your/our/my Country is not a right of alien invaders, visitors or foreigners with NO Puerto Rican Blood.

    The right to vote on THIS ISSUE should NOT be given to NON-Puerto Ricans.

    The fight for the independence of Puerto Rico is now non-violent and will be won in the hearts of real men around the World.

    The Ronbothunter,

    A proud freedom loving Puerto Rican.

    All Rights Reserved

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