Note to Obama: time for a Latin American reality check

Barbara Curbelo Cusack sent this excellent rebuke to Barack Obama, via his website, where she told Machetera she had also mentioned “people like my parents who had to fight Batista’s sadistic and corrupt dictatorship. Whenever I see the likes of Pepe Hernandez talking about democracy and human rights, I get indignant because although I was a little girl during the revolution – I haven’t forgotten.”

I agree Senator McCain’s view of the Americas is out of touch, but so is telling CANF, sons of forces ousted from Cuba for crimes against humanity, that theirs is a legacy of conviction, commitment to freedom, and hard-earned prosperity.

Your message of freedom must first stand the constitutional test in Miami.

You spoke of freedom from fear, leaving out acts of terrorism perpetrated with absolute impunity against the people of Cuba; financed by CANF (by convicted terrorist Posada Carriles’s own account to the New York Times), costing more than 3,000 lives, and countless suffering.

You spoke of dissidents treated unfairly, yet this very week Cuba has put forth irrefutable evidence of convicted terrorists from South Florida sending those “dissidents” hefty contributions through the US Interest Section in Havana. That was a missed golden opportunity to attack the duality of Bush’s bogus war on terror.

You said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Five Cuban political prisoners languish in US federal prisons for infiltrating organizations in Miami such as CANF, in order to avert acts of terrorism. They were unfairly tried in Miami and sentenced from 15 years to 2 consecutive life terms. This Administration continues to deprive them of basic human rights, while politicizing their case and squandering resources, in order to appease those applauding you in Miami.

You vowed to be a relentless advocate for democracy, but like Bush and McCain failed to define it, preferring instead to speak to fascists about Roosevelt’s speech on the Nazis.

You called Hugo Chavez a demagogue. Yet, while Exxon makes record profits, Chavez sells natural gas to the poorest in our country at modest prices. Maybe you shouldn’t spend too much time with extremists in Miami.

You spoke of freedom from fear in the America of Marti. Yet it was US meddlesome policies and expansionism that Marti taught us to fear the most.

While you are forced to raise millions of dollars to run for public office, Cubans can run for public office for free. While you promise to make health insurance available to all, Cubans enjoy one of the best healthcare systems on the planet, for free. While you promise to make college loans available, Cubans enjoy free education.

When I look at the coffee mug with your photo on it at work next week, I’ll blush.

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Cuba Wants Answers

3 responses to “Note to Obama: time for a Latin American reality check

  1. hoy en dia, la verda se dice con la espada en la lengua y el machete en la mano. te felicito machetera.

  2. Bueno, muchas gracias Javier, pero el credito por esta respuesta tiene que ir a Barbara Curbelo Cusack que la escribió. Quería contestar a Obama también pero como Barbara lo hizo bastante bien, pedí su permiso para colgarla y me lo dió. Tal vez para mi, ¿el machete está en la lengua y la espada en la mano? De todos modos, gracias.

  3. en los tiempos de la colonia en cuba, los mambises luchaban con el machete, porque era su herramienta de labor y lo convirtieron en arma de lucha. la espada era el armamento de los espanoles y tenian fusiles ademas.

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