Machetera hit by triple virus

Machetera’s translation factory took a triple hit this weekend, with two computer failures and the flu. The Apple people assure her it’s not the Pentagon’s fault, just bad luck, but who really knows?

In any case, were she up to speed, she’d have provided you with a translation of this article which appeared yesterday at Bolpress – something which amazingly, you won’t have found anywhere in the English language press. Here’s the gist: apparently in yesterday’s fake autonomy referendum in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 20 ballot boxes stuffed with ballots pre-marked “Si” (that’s “yes’ in Spanish for the really language challenged) were discovered in the Plan 3000 section of the city. The story challenges even Machetera’s translation skills because it’s unclear whether the boxes were burned, or preserved as evidence; however, there’s a mention of people in the neighborhood standing watch over polling places to prevent the entrance of such things.

Where did we see this before? Oh right, Port au Prince. Nobody in U.S. “intelligence” ever thinks about updating the manual, apparently. Not that anyone’s complaining.

That’s all Machetera can manage for today. More later…

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