No empire lives forever


“Uribe and those who dropped bombs identical to those hurled against Iraq, should be investigated and punished.”

Lucía Andrea Morett Álvarez – Rebelión

The following statement by Lucía Andrea Morett Álvarez was read at a tribute to the university students killed in the March 1 massacre on Ecuadoran soil, in the Aula Magna at the Autonomous University of Mexico’s (UNAM’s) College of Philosophy and Language. They were also read by Senator Rosario Ibarra at an event in Mexico City’s Zocalo to protest the privatization of Mexico’s oil. Both events took place on March 25.

Compañeras y compañeros:

My sincere Bolivarian greetings, from the bed in the military hospital in Quito, Ecuador where I am recovering from the multiple wounds I received as a result of the criminal bombing of Ecuadoran land by the Colombian army this past March 1, in which four of my best friends died. Many things pain me, among them, that with its silence, the Mexican government tries to shift the responsibility, before the world and history, away from those who directed the massacre, to the question of what we were doing there. Not only that, but they know that we arrived at the camp only a few hours before the barbarism and we went as civilians and university students, not imagining that we were going to be victims of one of the most infamous acts committed recently in Latin America, in a place where we’d been invited to learn about peace proposals.

It hurts that in a world full of communication, the media use their power to distort reality with absurd and malicious lies, and with those lies they seek to injure the dignity of the youth who wish to change society peacefully and legally. Look at what I say to them; now they’ve come out with the abominable claim, widely distributed, “that Colombian authorities are going to interrogate us.” How is it conceivable that our executioner should also serve as judge in this case and moreover, that murderers should be the ones to sentence victims? It’s worth noting that one of the guilty has already confessed: Álvaro Uribe is the one who should be investigated and punished as well as his intellectual and material partners, those who dropped bombs on us identical to those hurled in the war against Iraq, in order to shoot the wounded in the back afterwards.

We have not committed any crime. We entered and traveled legally in Ecuador, participated in public activities and for that we are riddled with insinuating questions. The facts in this case are so overwhelming that this country’s Attorney General has told me that there is nothing against me, that I was a victim, and he wished me a speedy recovery.

I wish to tell you from this beautiful Ecuadoran country which has opened its arms and solidarity to me that I know that there in Mexico, courage and dignity are also finding their place and through many events and different forms, demands that this state crime not remain unpunished are being made. Thank you for being with us, with Juan, with Fernando, with Verónica, with Soren. I am confident that I am not alone, that the people of my country will know how to fight and attain justice; that in the UNAM, our leaders have condemned the crimes and have been at the level of events in order to defend the right to think and act critically. I’m sure that very soon my companions will have a decent tombstone, that their deaths will not have been in vain and that their seed fell on fertile soil where beautiful flowers and fruit will emerge. The voice that they tried to extinguish in such a despicable manner will multiply itself in the cry of many millions around the globe.

I say goodbye from this half of the world fractured by this cowardly bombing. I remain confident that this América, this great homeland for which Bolívar and Martí struggled and dreamed, will soon arrive. After a long eclipse, our nations will flower. No empire lives forever.


Lucía Andrea Morett Álvarez

Quito, Ecuador, March 25, 2008

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